The Southwest Booster

Booster letter had some flaws

- Editor: Charmaine Wood, Irvine, AB

A letter in your November 2 Southwest Booster issue by a partially informed Palestinia­n sympathize­r (Mukarram Zaidi) decries the plight of Gaza Civilians subjected to Israeli bombardmen­t. Theirs is only half of the story.

In an anti-israel world we are not supposed to know about the vicious atrocities committed by the Hamas Terrorists in initiating this conflict.

Did they not expect a response? I believe that missiles are being exchanged by both sides.

Before its ground offensive, Israel warned non-combatants to get out of the way as Israel needed to neutralize Gaza’s extensive tunnel system which enable Hamas to hide its weaponry under such places as schools and hospitals.

The blockage of essential supplies to Gaza has been explained as atactic to induce the release of numerous hostages so far with minimal effect. This situation needs to be resolved. A suggestion: why don’t they just release the hostages?

There might be less conflict concerning Israel if all parties would recognize a basic truth. When Father Abraham located in what is now Palestine he was promised by God permanent possession of land stretching from Egypt to the Euphrates River. Only During the reigns of Kings David and Solomon id the Israelite come close to occupying the whole area.

They’ve been troubled and displaced due to their follies, but in the end, God’s promise must be fulfilled.

Israel through not faultless, is not so much a colonialis­t as a landowner, forced to defend itself and its territory.

The Arab nations also deserve spaces of their own, but for this particular spot, God has always had other plans.

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