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I have got a mul­ti­tude of pho­to­graphs in my li­brary that make for great full-page shots within the mag­a­zine, or used as a quar­ter-page, but just don’t make the grade for a cover. Here are a se­lect few and the rea­sons they wouldn’t make a great cover.

Fig 1 - Awesome wall shot from the Cay­man Is­lands, with ex­cel­lent coloura­tion (bright corals on the left, deep blue wa­ter fad­ing up­wards to the sur­face on the right), but it fails as a cover be­cause of the vi­brant colours. The mast­head and cover lines just would not stand out on the corals in the up­per left.

Fig 2 - We have a sim­i­lar is­sue with this shot, also taken in the Cay­man Is­lands. This time there is plenty of room for the mast­head, and the colours are all very pleas­ing to the eye, but the large sponge in the fore­ground re­moves too much cover line space.

Fig 3 – This was shot on the wreck of the Kit­ti­wake in the Cay­man Is­lands. The prob­lem here is that while the mast­head would stand out at the top of the im­age, the cover lines would strug­gle to ‘pop’ against the light-grey metal on the right and the brown/rust metal on the left. The pho­to­graph is just too busy for a cover.

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