MR2 LA Mooching Reel

Sport Fishing Gear Guide - - Mooching Reels -

This is a com­pact, large ar­bor mooching reel that is a sin­gle ac­tion, di­rect drive. It brings to­gether all the fea­tures of the MR2 and MR3 re­ly­ing upon the frame­work of the MR2 and its free-spool ca­pa­bil­i­ties, but it also in­cor­po­rates a large ar­bor like the MR3. This cre­ates space for a larger sculpted drag knob al­low­ing for eas­ier drag ad­just­ment. From its fully an­odized frame, spool and smaller com­po­nents to the hefty brass clutch, all of the com­po­nents are ma­chined from ma­te­ri­als that will last in a salt­wa­ter en­vi­ron­ment.

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