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Mooching, or drift-fish­ing, for sal­mon is one of the best and most pop­u­lar ways of catch­ing fish on Canada’s West Coast, and the M-one UTD mooching reel from Daiwa® is one of the most af­ford­able. The UTD Car­bon drag is smooth and fade- free, with a one-way de­sign that lets you eas­ily wind line re­gard­less of drag set­ting. The stain­less palm­ing flange on the spool gives you added con­trol of large fish, and the reel is switch­able from right to left hand re­trieve. One model hold­ing 14/850 – 30/350 mono, with a 1:1 gear ra­tio pro­vid­ing a re­trieval rate of 17.2 IPT. MSRP: $80 USD

Okuma Cold Wa­ter Wire Line Star Drag Reel

De­signed specif­i­cally to hold up to the de­mands of braided and wire line fish­ing, these reels are con­structed of durable, cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant, light­weight ma­te­ri­als and have a pow­er­ful drag and heavy-duty ma­chine-cut brass gears. Uti­liz­ing Okuma’s Me­chan­i­cal Sta­bi­liz­ing Sys­tem (MSS - which ties the spool shaft, pin­ion gear, pin­ion gear bear­ing, drive shaft and main gear to­gether with a sin­gle sup­port sys­tem), stain­less steel ball bear­ings, and a self-lu­bri­cat­ing de­sign, en­sure that these reels run smooth. The largest di­am­e­ter high speed 553LS has no reel counter. Three right hand mod­els are avail­able with 3 bear­ings, weigh­ing 20.1 – 30.7 oz, max drag of 20-22, gear ra­tios of 6.2:1 - 4:7.1 for re­trieval rates of 35 to 40.7 IPT re­spec­tively. MSRP: $115 - $145 Oku­mafish­

Penn Squall Level Wind

This reel is the im­proved suc­ces­sor to the GT reel. Penn has added an In­fi­nite Anti Re­verse bear­ing, Line Ca­pac­ity Rings, their Versa-han­dle, and a machined brass main gear, which mates to a high strength stain­less steel pin­ion gear. All mod­els use the HT-100 drag sys­tem to give you the full range of drag ad­just­ments and the reel uses a lever drag ad­just­ment mech­a­nism that is easy to han­dle in the mid­dle of fight­ing a fish. It is cor­ro­sion re­sis­tant and good for fresh- or salt­wa­ter. Only one model in­cor­po­rates a line counter, the SQL20LWLC and only two mod­els are avail­able in left hand re­trieve. Four mod­els (dif­fer­en­ti­ated by spool size) are avail­able, all with 2+1 bear­ings, weigh­ing 16.2 – 20.9 oz, max drag of 15-20 lb, from 415/17 – 285/60 mono or 580/20 – 665/100 braid, in ra­tios of 4.0:1 to 4.9:1 and re­trieval rates of 28 – 35 IPT. MSRP: $120 - $150 USD Pen­n­fish­

Is­lan­der TR3

The heart of the TR3 is the all-new drag sys­tem made from ul­tra-high per­for­mance flu­o­ropoly­mer disks, which are sand­wiched be­tween al­ter­nat­ing lay­ers of stain­less steel. The re­sult is silky smooth per­for­mance, zero start-up in­er­tia and more than enough power to stop the hard­est fight­ing chi­nook. Add a fully sealed disk drag, cor­ro­sion- free ce­ramic bear­ings, ported pad­dle han­dles, and the fact that it's at­tached to a CNC machined alu­minum reel and you have a silky, smooth, durable reel that you can be proud of, and enjoy for years. Each is pol­ished to a mir­rored fin­ish, made in Canada, and comes with an‘un­lim­ited - no ques­tions asked’ life­time war­ranty. MSRP: $900 CAD Is­lan­

Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2 Speed

These reels fea­ture a full metal body, stain­less steel  main and pin­ion gear, Dura-drag wash­ers greased with Du­ralube for a ‘wet’ sys­tem, and a dou­ble dog ratchet anti-re­verse. A push or pull gets you into high or low range so you can change re­trieval rates while you’re fight­ing the fish. The 20 & 30 size mod­els are avail­able in left or right hand re­trieve. Mod­els num­bers cor­re­spond to the mid-size fil­a­ment mono spool ca­pac­ity and the ‘N’ refers to a narrow spool. Five mod­els are avail­able with 4+1 stain­less bear­ings, weigh­ing 15.6 – 27.3 oz, hold­ing 330/20 – 480/40 mono and 200/20 - 735/100 braid, max drag of 20 – 40 lb, gear ra­tios 6.1:1/2.8:1 to 5.0:1/2.5:1 for re­trieval rates of 31/14 to 42/21 IPT re­spec­tively. MSRP: $250 - $300 Pen­n­fish­

Abu Gar­cia Diplo­mat Mooching Reel

This Large ar­bor spool de­sign has a fully machined frame and spool with a hard an­odized fin­ish to beat back the cor­ro­sive el­e­ments in the en­vi­ron­ment. It has an On/off anti-re­verse switch for quick depth ad­just­ments and a Power Disk™ drag sys­tem for smooth drag per­for­mance with­out line creep. One model weigh­ing 17.6 oz, with 2 bear­ings, 1:1 gear ra­tio, 350/30 mono line ca­pac­ity. MSRP: $349 Abugar­

Penn In­ter­na­tional VISX

The sixth gen­er­a­tion of a reel that’s been around for 50 years is now lighter and qui­eter and of­fered in both gold and sil­ver colours. These are machined air­craft grade alu­minum cre­at­ing in­cred­i­bly strong light reels. VISX mod­els are open at the top so you can get your fin­ger on the line, built for braided lines, with a stronger drag. Changes for 2018 in­clude beefier reel lugs, the two-speed gear­ing is now switch­able with a but­ton push and there is an ad­justable strike po­si­tion. Five mod­els of bombproof, five bear­ing, right hand re­trieve reels, cover a huge range - weigh 32-63 oz, 1510/10 mono – 575/60 mono or 985/40 - 815/200 braid, 40-60 lb max drag, gear ra­tios of 5.1:1-3.5:1 and re­trieval rates of 40 or 41 IPT. MSRP: $550-$700 USD Pen­n­fish­

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