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ACR Rapid Ditch Bag (Large)

The ACR Rapid Ditch Bag is a buoy­ant sur­vival gear bag de­signed to keep all your safety gear or­ga­nized and at the ready in the event you have to aban­don ship. It can store up to 11.3 kg (25 lb) of gear and fea­tures wa­ter-re­sis­tant fab­ric, cor­ro­sion-re­sis­tant zip­pers, and new re­flec­tive ma­te­rial to fur­ther help be­ing spotted by search and res­cue teams. Another ideal fea­ture is its in­no­va­tive shoul­der strap, which trans­forms into two, four-foot safety har­nesses that clip to life jack­ets and keep ev­ery­one con­nected in the wa­ter. It’s made of 600 De­nier Polyester with a 210 de­nier polyester in­te­rior, mea­sures 73.6 x 25.4 x 37 cm (29 x 10 x 14.5 in) and comes with a one- year limited war­ranty. Re­tail Price: $153 USD www.acrar­

Wave Bar­rier In­flat­able

The Wave Bar­rier In­flat­able from Salus Ma­rine is a light­weight, com­fort­able and low-pro­file PFD de­signed for ac­tive boaters and an­glers. Made of 500 De­nier Cor­dura Ny­lon, some key safety fea­tures in­clude a 16 kg (35lb) buoy­ant cell, lift­ing han­dle, whis­tle and 3M Ma­rine re­flec­tive pip­ing to in­crease vis­i­bil­ity in the wa­ter. The PFD also has a Flex-wing de­sign for an im­proved flota­tion an­gle and an ef­fec­tive wave bar­rier to pre­vent wa­ter from chan­nel­ing into the air­ways. The PFD’S tall neck de­sign and Neo­prene com­fort col­lar of­fers sup­port to the head and neck while a man­ual back-up, oral in­fla­tor, safety har­ness and D-ring are other fea­tures. MSRP: Man­ual: $ 180 CAD; Au­to­matic: $230 CAD www.salus­ma­

Wa­ter Safety Throw

With its aero­dy­namic de­sign and eas­ily de­ploy­able rope, the Wa­ter Safety Throw is de­signed to quickly come to the aid when a crew mem­ber has fallen over­board. With its aero­dy­namic de­sign, the Wa­ter Safety Throw can eas­ily be tossed in windy con­di­tions and is brightly coloured for eas­ier vis­i­bil­ity. It comes stan­dard with 15 m (50ft), float­ing polypropy­lene wo­ven rope that has a 400 kg (900lb) break­ing strength. There’s also a quick re­lease plug to pre­vent the rope from be­ing de­ployed un­in­ten­tion­ally. Once the Wa­ter Safety Throw is de­liv­ered to the vic­tim, the in­te­grated han­dle is easy to grip for the vic­tim to return safely to the boat. MSRP: $35 CAD www.fox40­

Ves­per Ma­rine deck­watch

Ves­per Ma­rine`s se­ries of smar­tais transpon­ders now pro­vide even more safety on the wa­ter with its new deck­watch app com­pat­i­ble with An­droid Wear 2 de­vices. Hon­oured with an In­no­va­tion Award at the 2017 IBEX show in the Safety Equip­ment cat­e­gory, the app re­lays data from the Watch­mate XB-8000 or the Watch­mate Vi­sion transpon­ders and im­me­di­ately alerts you in the event of a po­ten­tial col­li­sion, an­chor drag, or if some­one falls over­board. In each in­stance alarms are sounded on your smart watch and up­dated bear­ings and ranges are dis­played. The app also pro­vides depth, wind, speed, head­ings, SOG, and COG. The app is free and is avail­able on Google Play. MSRP: $800 (Watch­mate XB-8000 smar­tais transpon­der)/ $1,250 (Watch­mate Vi­sion smar­tais transpon­der) www2.ves­per­ma­

Ma­rine 300

Ideal for day trips, the Ma­rine 300 from Ad­ven­ture Med­i­cal Kits comes equipped with a good sup­ply of first aid items for when emer­gen­cies take place on the wa­ter. The kit mea­sures 21 x 14 x 11 cm (8.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 in), and all con­tents are con­tained in wa­ter­proof bags. Some of the per­ti­nent items in­clude an ir­ri­ga­tion sy­ringe and wound clo­sure strips, an ar­ray of med­i­ca­tions for pain, in­flam­ma­tion, and com­mon al­ler­gies, plus a heat re­flec­tive blan­ket that can re­flect 90 per­cent of ra­di­ated body heat. There’s also bandage scis­sors, pre­ci­sion for­ceps, and an in­stant cold pack to man­age swelling of frac­tures and sprains. What`s more, there are a se­ries of wraps and ban­dages to im­mo­bi­lize frac­tures. The bag weighs 560 gm (1 lb) and can treat up to six peo­ple. MSRP: $64 USD­ven­turemed­i­calk­

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