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Win­ning the best of Cat­e­gory – Fish­ing Line at ICAST 2018, the new Powerpro Su­per 8 Slick V2 braided fish­ing line has been re-en­gi­neered for added tough­ness by com­bin­ing a new eight-end dense weave fi­bre con­struc­tion with the com­pany’s En­hanced Body Tech­nol­ogy (EBT), al­low­ing you to fish heavy cover with the same force as stan­dard four-end braids. The line’s new de­sign makes it struc­turally rounder for added smooth­ness, and it also re­duces back­lashes, in­creases cast­ing dis­tance, and of­fers an op­ti­mal strength-to-size ra­tio. Ready for fresh or salt wa­ter, fric­tion has been greatly re­duced and you’ll even no­tice bet­ter line man­age­ment and quiet re­trievals and casts. The Su­per 8 Slick V2 is of­fered in moss green, onyx, hi-vis aqua green or blue and all are avail­able in 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65 and 80 lbs test and in 100, 150 and 300-yd spools. Fur­ther, 1500- and 3000 yd bulk filler spools are also avail­able. MSRP: $27.99 (150/8) - $ 571.99 (300/80) USD www.powerpro.com

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