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If you con­stantly use or ex­per­i­ment with braided lines, Berkley’s new x5 and x9 are de­signed to pro­vide max­i­mum strength, abra­sion re­sis­tance and meet the de­mands of var­i­ous fish­ing styles and en­vi­ron­ments. While the x5 braided line can eas­ily run through thick veg­e­ta­tion or heavy cover, the x9 de­liv­ers max­i­mum strength and pro­vide smooth cast­ing dis­tances. Be­yond the func­tions, the x5 and x9 are made from 100 per­cent PE Fibers, are of­fered in Low-vis Green or Crys­tal, have a 5 or 9 braided strand con­struc­tion and avail­able in 150 yd., 330 yd., and 2188 yd. spools. Both are also of­fered in 8 lb. to 80 lb. test. MSRP: x5: from $13.99/x9: from $17.99 www.berkley-fish­

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