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St. Thomas Times-Journal - - REMEMBRANCE DAY - By Alice Zacharias

All I need is a sin­gle, small spark. Then that spark can start a flame, And that flame can be­come a fire. A fire so fe­ro­cious and wild, that it could take over the world in a mat­ter of sec­onds.

Leav­ing the world to die.

I can spread across the world like a wild­fire,

Send­ing hate, sor­row and vi­o­lence ev­ery which way.

If you lis­ten to me, you will hear sounds. Sounds of guns fir­ing, Peo­ple scream­ing, Chil­dren cry­ing.

Sounds that ex­ist, be­cause of me.

I have the power to wipe out en­tire coun­tries. I can di­vide fam­i­lies;

Make them fight and kill one an­other.

I can ma­nip­u­late peo­ple to do what­ever

I please.

I can do any­thing to the world.

I am War.

But I have one en­emy.

She is the only thing that can dom­i­nate me. I could be as pow­er­ful as ev­ery na­tion com­bined,

I could be re­spon­si­ble for the largest geno­cide,

I could send the world into com­plete and ut­ter chaos.

But I would not win.

She would whis­per words of truth and heal­ing into the ears of my vic­tims.

She would dom­i­nate me,

Make me com­pletely and ut­terly pow­er­less.

She would end me and my evil ways un­til no one was un­der my con­trol.

Her name is Peace.

Peace will win in the end.

Peace will win, and I will lose.

She will let ev­ery­one know when I am gone.

There will be no more gun­shots in the air,

No more blood­shed,

No more death.

There will be a roar­ing sound of si­lence,

And ev­ery­one will know what it means:


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