The Mon­sters Among Us

St. Thomas Times-Journal - - REMEMBRANCE DAY - By Cer­ena Aitken-Guig­nard

The whis­pers of war in the dis­tance, echoes in my ears. Gun­fire, dis­tant screams fill the si­lence Our once united na­tion is bro­ken The mon­ster of war is upon us Tak­ing away the light and bring­ing its ha­tred It stran­gles the hap­pi­ness and laugh­ter out of ev­ery­one So many lives lost on that bat­tle­field That used to be our play­ground So many fu­tures shat­tered From a bul­let of ha­tred Bod­ies scat­ter the ground But we can have hope in these dark mo­ments Hope that this will end Hope that our fa­thers will come home one day and tuck us into our beds Hope that our fu­tures will brighten Hope that this mon­ster will leave And let us grieve the loss of our loved ones My fam­ily is split apart My mother con­stantly cry­ing, my fa­ther is dead sit in my room hid­ing from the mon­sters that are among us, not un­der­neath my bed How did this hap­pen? Friends be­com­ing our en­e­mies Sun­day din­ners as a fam­ily only a dis­tant mem­ory We need to stop this mad­ness We can’t let this be the end Let’s con­quer this mon­ster to­gether We can’t go down with­out a fight Not with swords or weapons, But with kind­ness Let’s get rid of this mon­ster, this dark­ness And bring back love and the light

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