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Hi Fel­low Se­niors:

Ev­ery time I think about se­niors and what they have ac­com­plished and also what they have dealt with over the years, I am very proud to be one of them. We have wit­nessed many changes both good and bad and have ex­pe­ri­enced happy times and sad times. I’m sure our strength comes from a belief in our­selves that we can do any­thing and there are many times, both past and present that we have had to do just that.

Through it all we have main­tained our sense of hu­mour, al­though at times it hasn’t been easy to do. In that spirit, I would like to pass on in­for­ma­tion on ‘DO YOU LIKE GET­TING OLDER?” one of my read­ers sent in.

* I can hit the golf ball any way I can and laugh if it goes in the lake. That’s the breaks. I’m just happy I can still hit the golf ball.

* As I’ve aged, I’ve be­come kin­der to my­self and less crit­i­cal of my­self. I’ve be­come my own best friend.

* Whose busi­ness is it if I choose to read, or play on the com­puter un­til 4 a.m. or sleep un­til noon I can dance with my­self to those won­der­ful tunes of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s

* I will dive into the waves with aban­don if I choose to, de­spite the pitying glances from the jet set. They too will get old.

* I know I am some­times for­get­ful. But there again some of life is just as well for­got­ten. I even­tu­ally re­mem­ber the im­por­tant things.

* Sure, over the years my heart has been bro­ken. How can your heart not break when you lose a child or when a child suf­fers or even when some­body’s beloved pet passes? But bro­ken hearts are what give us strength, un­der­stand­ing and com­pas­sion. If a heart is never bro­ken, is pris­tine, ster­ile it will never know the joy of be­ing im­per­fect.

* I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turn­ing gray and to have my youth­ful laughs for­ever etched into deep grooves on my face

* As you get older, it is eas­ier to be pos­i­tive. You care less about what other peo­ple think. I don’t ques­tion my­self any­more. I’ve even earned the right to be wrong.

*I like be­ing old. It has sent me free. I like the per­son I have be­come. I will not waste time lament­ing what could have been or wor­ry­ing about what will be, and I shall eat desert ev­ery sin­gle day (if I feel like it).

Many thanks to my reader who sent me one per­son’s in­sight into age­ing. We are a gen­er­a­tion who has helped build this won­der­ful Coun­try and we will pass on to fu­ture gen­er­a­tions, the spirit and car­ing that makes Canada a Na­tion to be proud of.

Dorothy Wil­son is a free­lance writer spe­cial­iz­ing in se­nior’s is­sues. Com­ments are wel­come by e-mail­ing wil­[email protected] or writ­ing c/o St.Thomas Times-Jour­nal, 16 Hincks Street, St.Thomas, Ont.

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