Wrap up gifts in these trends

How to get per­fect cor­ners and more pro tips

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Gift stylist Corinna vanger­wen, who pro­vides pro­fes­sional gift styling ser­vices for brands and com­pa­nies, pro­vides a few trends and tips that make you look like a pro.

While gift wrap­ping trends don’t seem to move as fast as fash­ion, there are some that vanGer­wen is see­ing as she sources ma­te­ri­als for her projects.

“I think there’s start­ing to be more of a move to­wards richer colours, more op­u­lent tex­tures and par­tic­u­larly for the hol­i­days, you start see­ing more shim­mer,” she ex­plains. Warm metallics and deep, rich hues, like for­est green and rose are find­ing their way to pa­per de­sign.

Black is an un­ex­pected hue that peo­ple may be shy of us­ing for the hol­i­days, but it works well with gold. “Black with dark green vel­vet rib­bon is stun­ning,” she says.

Flo­ral pat­terns are also hot right now. These aren’t your


tra­di­tional poin­set­tia, but a lit­tle more modern and un­ex­pected.

For top­pers, vanger­wen likes to add a sprig of cedar, fir or other sea­sonal green­ery. Flow­ers, both pa­per or real, can also be used, de­pend­ing on the style you’re look­ing to achieve. And then there’s rib­bon.

“One of my go-to rib­bons is gros­grain,” says vanger­wen. “It’s in­ex­pen­sive, it comes in hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent colours, you can find it al­most any­where and it works re­ally nicely.”

And if you ab­so­lutely can’t stand wrap­ping? Use a box. Vanger­wen points to the pat­terned boxes you can find. Tie a rib­bon and you’re done.

CON­TRIB­UTED When wrap­ping, messy cor­ners can be a frus­tra­tion. How­ever, gift stylist Corinna vanger­wen says this comes from two things: too much pa­per and not pulling the pa­per tight enough around the box.

“As long as you cut the right size of pa­per and are fold­ing it smoothly and tightly along the box, you should be fine,” she says. Dou­ble-sided tape is favoured so you can hide it on the in­side, rather than it show­ing along the seam. Though if you have a fun washi tape with a pat­tern, you might want it to show.

In this case, vanger­wen will put the seam on the top of the gift, rather than the bot­tom, so the tape be­comes a lit­tle fea­ture de­tail.

For hard-to-wrap items, use her spe­cial tech­nique: “Layer two to four sheets of tis­sue pa­per, place gift on the cor­ner and roll it like a bur­rito.”


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