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A cou­ple got en­gaged on Sun­day. They are by all ap­pear­ances over the moon with hap­pi­ness. Guess who isn’t? The in­ter­net. This is be­cause the happy cou­ple in ques­tion got en­gaged in the mid­dle of the New York City Marathon, a race one of the newly be­trothed, Kait­lyn Cur­ran, was run­ning for the very first time.

Ac­cord­ing to CBS News, Cur­ran’s boyfriend, Den­nis Galvin, hopped the spec­ta­tor bar­rier and got down on one knee in the mid­dle of said marathon to pop the ques­tion, and in do­ing so stopped his breathy beloved in her tracks. In the now-vi­ral video footage of the pro­posal, Cur­ran tells Galvin yes through tears. He puts a ring on her finger. She

bids him adieu and fin­ishes the race in four hours and 24 min­utes.

What’s wrong with this pic­ture?

The prob­lem, ac­cord­ing to the flurry of so­cial me­dia com­men­tary and magazine columns that have since fol­lowed the event, is that Galvin in­ter­rupted Cur­ran’s race, an act that not only im­pacted her fin­ish­ing time,

but also al­legedly stole her thun­der.

This should have been her mo­ment, the story goes, but he made it theirs. This should have been an in­di­vid­ual feat. He made it a group one. He is there­fore in­sen­si­tive, self­ish and worse.

In the words of prom­i­nent fem­i­nist Jes­sica Valenti, writ­ing on Twit­ter, “I’m glad we all agree that marathon pro­posal guy f------ sucks.” Nice, right? It’s worth not­ing that Valenti doesn’t ap­pear to per­son­ally know “marathon pro­posal guy” nor pre­sum­ably does she know his fi­ancée. But know­ing some­one is ir­rel­e­vant when you are de­ter­mined to re­cast a cel­e­bra­tory mo­ment as a teach­able one about ev­ery­thing that is ap­par­ently wrong with men these days.

For an­other prime ex­am­ple of this phe­nom­e­non here is Heather Sch­wedel writ­ing in Slate this week about why the marathon pro­posal is the “ab­so­lute worst”:

“It’s to­tally pos­si­ble Cur­ran loved the way Galvin pro­posed and doesn’t see any prob­lem with it, as is her right. Maybe she even re­quested a big sur­prise. But it doesn’t mat­ter. In truth, when you pro­pose in such an in­escapably pub­lic way, it’s no longer about you — it be­comes about your pro­jec­tion on ev­ery­one else.”

But the only pro­ject­ing go­ing on here is by fem­i­nist writ­ers who pre­sume to know the mind of every woman and the heart of every man.



Kait­lyn Cur­ran said yes through tears after her boyfriend, Den­nis Galvin, pro­posed to her dur­ing the New York City Marathon.

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