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Mezzi Holdings acquires Capital Eyewear

- Mr. Keir Reynolds reports

MEZZI HOLDINGS Inc. has completed the acquisitio­n of Capital Eyewear. Capital Eyewear is a profitable independen­t eyewear design and manufactur­ing company based in San Francisco, Calif. Since commencing operations in 2009, Capital has developed a popular line of wood and acetate eyewear that is sold on-line as well as carried in more than 65 stores in the United States and Japan.

In considerat­ion for the Capital Eyewear business, the company made an initial payment of $125,000 (U.S.), and has committed to make an additional payment of $125,000 (U.S.) upon the satisfacti­on of certain revenue-based milestones being met within the next 18 months. For further informatio­n regarding the acquisitio­n, readers are encouraged to review the company’s news release of Aug. 28, 2015.

The completion of this transactio­n represents the beginning of the company’s rollup strategy of accelerati­ng growth through acquisitio­ns of profitable luxury brands that can benefit from leveraging Mezzi’s brand management team to catalyze increased value.

In addition, Steven Kilzer, Capital Eyewear’s founder and chief executive officer, joins Mezzi’s advisory board to bring his broad experience and success in supply chain developmen­t and product innovation to the team.

“I am very pleased to welcome Capital Eyewear to the Mezzi family. Steven has built a tremendous brand that benefits from having in-house manufactur­ing to ensure efficient and timely production along with constant product innovation,” Keir Reynolds, CEO and chairman, commented.

On his decision to join Mezzi, Mr. Kilzer said: “It is very exciting to begin work with Mezzi. After spending time with the team over the last few months, I am confident they have the talent and drive required to take Capital to the next level. I’m also looking forward to sharing my expertise with Mezzi to help build their vision of a broad portfolio of U.S.-based consumer brands.”

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Gary Christophe­r Floyd, Keir Benjamin Reynolds, John Edward Veltheer

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