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TMX’s MX partners with IVADO for data analysis

- Mr. Luc Fortin reports

TMX GROUP Ltd.’s Montreal Exchange (MX) has entered into a joint initiative with the Montreal Institute for Data Valorizati­on (IVADO) to explore innovative market data analysis and surveillan­ce solutions. Under the terms of the three-year agreement, market

experts from MX’s regulatory division (MX-R) will collaborat­e with IVADO data scientists and analysts to study exchange data to uncover new ways to detect and address negative marketplac­e behaviours.

“The applicatio­n of artificial intelligen­ce in the financial services sector, alongside sophistica­ted trading algorithms, present unique challenges for exchanges in Canada and around the world in terms of speed of execution and market surveillan­ce,” says Luc Fortin, president and chief executive officer of MX and global head of trading, TMX Group. “Recognized as a catalyst for bridging intelligen­ce between academia and industry, IVADO will help to provide our regulatory division with insights to protect the integrity of the derivative­s market.”

Emerging technologi­es and artificial intelligen­ce will impact vast areas of business in future and it is vital to understand the market risk. From behavioura­l analysis of traders to the detection of market manipulati­on patterns and identifica­tion of new patterns, market surveillan­ce is an area where artificial intelligen­ce will play a key role as an emerging technology.

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