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- Ab­court Mines Inc. earned $970,982 on sales of $5.31-mil­lion in its first quar­ter ended Sept. 30, 2018. The com­pany pro­duced 3,191 gold ounces and sold 3,347 gold ounces in fis­cal Q1. (ABI) $0.05

- Aldridge Min­er­als Inc. has set Dec. 14, 2018, as the “out­side date” for the ac­qui­si­tion of the com­pany by Vir­tus Min­ing Ac­qui­si­tion Corp. Af­ter this date, Aldridge or Vir­tus can ter­mi­nate the agree­ment if it has not been con­sum­mated. (AGM) $0.10

- Alianza Min­er­als Ltd. has ar­ranged an $850,000 fi­nanc­ing of five-cent NFT units and six-cent FT shares. The com­pany will use the pro­ceeds for fur­ther work on its Hal­dane sil­ver pro­ject in Yukon and field pro­grams in B.C., Ne­vada and Yukon. (ANZ) $0.06

- Aura Re­sources Inc. is eval­u­at­ing data on its Gold Chain prop­erty in Mo­have county, Ari­zona, in prepa­ra­tion for its com­ing field pro­gram. The com­pany plans to be­gin map­ping and sam­pling in early 2019. (AUU) $0.05

- Cell­cube En­ergy Stor­age Sys­tems Inc. has filed its fi­nan­cial re­sults for the year ended June 30, 2018. It plans to file its first quar­ter fis­cal 2019 re­sults the week of Dec. 10. (CUBE) $0.29

- Cey­lon Graphite Corp. has dis­cov­ered three nat­u­ral crys­talline graphite veins in the Hak­bewa area in Sri Lanka. The length of the sur­face vein at the com­pany’s P1 site is over 20 feet and Cey­lon in­tends to con­tinue trench­ing around the vein. (CYL) $0.16

- Chal­ice Gold Mines Ltd. has re­duced its share cap­i­tal by $10.6-mil­lion (Aus­tralian) through pay­ment of its cap­i­tal re­turn to share­hold­ers. (CXN) $0.11

- Del­rey Met­als Corp. has closed its ac­qui­si­tion of pri­vate arm’s-length cor­po­ra­tion B.C. Vana­dium Corp. for 5.5 mil­lion shares and the as­sump­tion of a debt of $10,000. It is plan­ning to ac­quire ad­di­tional bat­tery en­ergy metal as­sets. (DLRY) $0.36

- E3 Met­als Corp. has is­sued 72,093 shares at 43 cents per share to Hamp­son Eq­ui­ties Ltd. un­der a fi­nan­cial ad­vi­sory con­sult­ing ser­vice agree­ment. (ETMC) $0.32

- E3 Met­als Corp. has re­ceived TSX-V ap­proval to is­sue 72,093 shares to set­tle a $31,000 debt. (ETMC) $0.32

- En­er­topia Corp. has moved a drill rig to its lithium pro­ject in Clay­ton Val­ley, Ne­vada. The com­pany will drill five holes to­talling ap­prox­i­mately 1,500 to 2,000 feet. (TOP) $0.03

- Euro­pean Elec­tric Met­als Inc. has closed its pri­vate place­ment for $315,000, is­su­ing 1.26 mil­lion units at 25 cents per unit. It plans to use the pro­ceeds for work­ing cap­i­tal. (EVX) $0.15

- Fre­mont Gold Ltd. has re­ceived TSX-V ap­proval for a pri­vate place­ment of 8,789,930 shares at 14 cents. Forty-one placees are sub­scrib­ing. (FRE) $0.14

- Guyana Gold­strike Inc. has com­pleted sam­pling and map­ping of trenches TTR-18-15 and TTR-18-16 in the new dis­cov­ery area at Tou­can Ridge on its Marudi gold pro­ject in South Amer­ica. (GYA) $0.27

- Hawk­eye Gold & Di­a­mond Inc. has ac­quired the Swift River prop­erty in B.C. for $4,000 and 200,000 shares of the com­pany. (HAWK) $0.05

- High­bank Re­sources Ltd. has re­ceived TSX-V ap­proval to is­sue 400,000 bonus shares in con­sid­er­a­tion of a $50,000 loan. (HBK) $0.02

- Inomin Mines Inc. will ex­tend 7.4 mil­lion ou­s­tand­ing war­rants due Jan. 30, 2019, to Jan. 30, 2020. (MINE) $0.05

- Knick Ex­plo­ration Inc. has signed an agree­ment to a sell a 50-per-cent in­ter­est in its East-West gold prop­erty in Que­bec for $100,000. The buyer will have an op­tion to buy 5 per cent more by spend­ing $200,000 on the prop­erty. (KNX) $0.01

- Libero Cop­per Corp. has closed its $500,000 pri­vate place­ment of 6.66 mil­lion 7.5-cent units. (LBC) $0.09

- Libero Cop­per Corp. has re­ceived TSX-V ap­proval for a pri­vate place­ment of 6,666,667 shares at 7.5 cents. Twelve placees are sub­scrib­ing. (LBC) $0.07

- Lico En­ergy Met­als Inc.’s An­thony Jack­son has re­signed as a di­rec­tor for per­sonal rea­sons. (LIC) $0.11

- Mex­i­can Gold Corp. has ac­quired the Pepe, Pepe Tres and San Jose con­ces­sions at its Las Mi­nas prop­erty. (MEX) $0.17

- Mill­rock Re­sources Inc. has ar­ranged a $1-mil­lion pri­vate place­ment of up to 10 mil­lion units at 10 cents. Each unit will con­sist of one share and one war­rant. (MRO) $0.11

- New Tech Lithium Corp. is over­sub­scribed on its pri­vate place­ment for up to 12.33 mil­lion units at five cents each for $616,700. That to­tal is slightly lower than the $621,700 in pro­ceeds pre­vi­ously an­nounced. (NTM) $0.04

- Nexco Re­sources Inc. has signed an agree­ment to ac­quire the Cop­per Moun­tain West prop­erty in B.C. It will pay $5,500 and is­sue 3.6 mil­lion shares as pay­ment. Also, it has ar­ranged a $200,000 pri­vate place­ment of two mil­lion units at 10 cents per unit. (NXU) $0.09

- Nordic Gold Corp. will change its name to Nordic Gold Inc. at the open on Dec. 10. There is no change in trad­ing sym­bol or Cusip num­ber and no roll­back or change in share cap­i­tal. (NOR) $0.11

- Ore­stone Min­ing Corp. has amended its $1-mil­lion pri­vate place­ment to now con­sist of 10 mil­lion units at 10 cents per unit. The orig­i­nal price was 15 cents per unit. (ORS) $0.11

- Oronova En­ergy Inc. has amended its $6-mil­lion pri­vate place­ment. The pri­vate place­ment will now con­sist of 40 mil­lion units at 15 cents per unit, in­stead of 30 mil­lion units at 20 cents per unit. (ONV) $0.12

- QMX Gold Corp. has re­ceived fi­nal TSX-V ap­proval for its $1.8-mil­lion pri­vate place­ment. (QMX) $0.07

- Robex Re­sources Inc.’s sub­sidiary, Nam­pala SA, will re­ceive a $11.6-mil­lion loan through a gold stream credit agree­ment with African Peak Trad­ing House Ltd. (RBX) $0.09

- Sher­ritt In­ter­na­tional Corp. has set its ap­pli­ca­tion cobalt ref­er­ence price for De­cem­ber at $33.74 (U.S.). Its ap­pli­ca­tion com­mon share per war­rant ra­tio for the three-month pe­riod ended Nov. 30, 2018, was one. (S) $0.47

- Sky­har­bour Re­sources Ltd. has ar­ranged and closed a pri­vate place­ment of 1.33 mil­lion flow-through shares at 45 cents each for $600,000. A strate­gic in­sti­tu­tional in­vestor sub­scribed for the full amount. Sky­har­bour will use the money for ex­plo­ration. (SYH) $0.41

- Stornoway Di­a­mond Corp. has com­pleted its $10-mil­lion pri­vate place­ment with 28.57 mil­lion units at 35 cents per unit. (SWY) $0.20

- Vana­di­um­corp Re­source Inc.’s cease trade or­der has been re­voked by the BCSC. The com­pany has ap­plied to have the trad­ing of its shares re­in­stated. (VRB) $0.09

- Vana­di­um­corp Re­sources Inc. has been re­in­stated for trad­ing, ef­fec­tive on Dec. 11, 2018. (VRB) $0.09

- West­ern Troy Cap­i­tal Re­sources Inc. will re­sume trad­ing on the TSX-V on Dec. 11. The com­pany has been in­formed by the TSX-V that if it does not meet con­tin­ued list­ing re­quire­ments by March 6, 2019, its shares will be trans­ferred to the NEX. (WRY) $0.02

- West­ern Troy Cap­i­tal Re­sources Inc. will re­sume at the open on Dec. 11, 2018, its pro­posed re­verse takeover hav­ing been can­celled. (WRY) $0.02

- Xi­men Min­ing Corp. has signed an agree­ment with Zimtu Cap­i­tal Corp. for the Zim­tuAd­van­tage pro­gram. Xi­men will pay $6,250 per month for 12 months to Zimtu as part of the agree­ment. (XIM) $0.34, (ZC) $0.22

- Xi­men Min­ing Corp. has re­ceived TSX-V ap­proval for a Dec. 4, 2018, amend­ment agree­ment with Amer­i­can Cumo Min­ing Corp. The com­pany has re­duced the re­main­ing cash pay­ments from $905,000 to $720,000. (XIM) $0.39

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