Power Met­als plans drilling for Pater­son Lake

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POWER MET­ALS Corp. has started plan­ning for a drill pro­gram at Pater­son Lake, 60 kilo­me­tres north of Kenora, North­west­ern On­tario. Power Met­als has an ap­proved ex­plo­ration per­mit from the On­tario Min­istry of En­ergy, North­ern Devel­op­ment and Mines for drilling at Pater­son Lake. Power Met­als has two lithium drill tar­gets at Pater­son Lake lo­cated along two par­al­lel north­east-south­west petal­ite peg­matite trends:

• Marko’s peg­matite;

• Jesse’s peg­matite. High­lights of Marko’s peg­matite in­clude:

• Over 268-me­tre strike length on sur­face;

• 3.36-to-4.43-per-cent-lithium-diox­ide range for 13 grab sam­ples;

• 559-to-1,398-part-per-mil­lion-tan­ta­lum range for five grab sam­ples;

• 19 his­toric drill holes on Power Met­als’ Pater­son Lake prop­erty;

• His­toric drilling showed that there is both lithium and tan­ta­lum min­er­al­iza­tion at depth on the Marko’s peg­matite and it is not just one peg­matite dike but two: Marko’s and North Marko’s.

The Marko’s peg­matite is one of the top three peg­matites for lithium and tan­ta­lum min­er­al­iza­tion in the Sep­a­ra­tion Rapid green­stone belt and is drill ready. On sur­face, Marko’s peg­matite is along the con­tact of an iron for­ma­tion and gab­bro ridge. The his­tor­i­cal drilling did not test the western ex­ten­sion of the Marko’s peg­matite which is open along strike.

It should be rel­a­tively easy to fol­low the edge of the iron for­ma­tion and gab­bro ridge to ex­tend the strike length of the Marko’s peg­matite.

High­lights of Jesse’s peg­matite:

• Con­sists of at least four par­al­lel east-west-trend­ing dikes ex­posed on sur­face: North, Be­tween North and Jesse’s, Jesse’s and South dikes;

• 190 m be­tween North and South dikes;

• 1.01 to 3.26 per cent Li2O for 12 grab sam­ples;

• Up to 271 ppm Ta in grab sam­ples.

All of Jesse’s petal­ite dikes are de­formed and sheared sim­i­lar to that at Avalon’s Sep­a­ra­tion Rapids lithium prop­erty lo­cated 3.7 kilo­me­tres to the west.

About 236 m west of Jesse’s North dikes, along the same metased­i­men­tary ridge, an­other petal­ite peg­matite was dis­cov­ered with 0.94 per cent Li2O. This West dike is a pos­si­ble ex­ten­sion of the North dikes. This West dike has the same min­er­al­ogy as Jesse’s peg­matite in­di­cat­ing sig­nif­i­cant ex­plo­ration po­ten­tial to find more petal­ite dikes along this 236 m long ridge.

At Jesse’s and Marko’s peg­matites, petal­ite is the dom­i­nant lithium ore min­eral, but spo­dumene is also present in the dikes. Petal­ite (LiAlSi4O10) is the high-tem­per­a­ture lithium alu­mi­nosil­i­cate whereas spo­dumene (LiAlSi2O6) is the low-tem­per­a­ture/high-pres­sure lithium alu­mi­nosil­i­cate. Both petal­ite and spo­dumene can be used to pro­duce lithium car­bon­ate and lithium hy­drox­ide for lithium bat­ter­ies.

Dr. Julie Sel­way, vice-pres­i­dent of ex­plo­ration, stated: “I am look­ing for­ward to a drill pro­gram at Pater­son Lake on Marko’s peg­matite and strip­ping and drilling on Jesse’s peg­matite. The last his­toric drilling on the Marko’s peg­matite was in 2002. There is po­ten­tial to ex­tend both peg­matites along strike.”

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