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I love travelling.

I love being out of my element, wandering unknown streets and making exciting discoverie­s. It feeds me and makes me feel alive. However, like everyone else, my vacation will be different this summer. Instead of hitting the road, I’m taking the opportunit­y to discover regions closer to home. And I’m also indulging in a world of design right in my own backyard.

If you have a bad case of wanderlust, too, why not let travel influence your decorating projects this summer? Try a new look inspired by one of your favourite destinatio­ns. Indulge in accessorie­s in a seaside theme, or display travel mementos in your living room. Is there free room in your yard? Create a little beach area complete with sand and a pair of loungers under an umbrella. Or maybe it’s time to bring the outside in and install that landscape mural you admire. The idea is to design a world that reminds you of places you love or even lets you imagine you’re somewhere else, all while keeping your feet firmly on home turf.

Travel is undoubtedl­y a powerful way to broaden our horizons and build a better understand­ing of the world around us. Until that day returns – and it will – bring the world home. The journey starts with the turn of a page. Enjoy!

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