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This issue of Style at Home has me thinking a lot about decorating your home in a deeply personal way. What I love about the homes in this issue is that the homeowners and designers collaborat­ed to create really unique spaces, using colour and pattern to bring out the personalit­ies of the people that live there. Rebecca Hay, who designed the fabulous room on our cover (for the story, see page 54), sums it up perfectly: “Adding playful bits of personalit­y is what lets a home become your life story.” What a beautiful idea!

I also love how we explore how to design a functional family home that works for all ages, from babies to busy parents. Calgary designers Reena Sotropa and Alanna Dunn did exactly that by creating custom storage solutions and reconsider­ing room usage to suit a young family, switching the dining room to a playroom while the kids are young (page 80). Oh, and did I mention the home also features a sophistica­ted yet livable decor that suits adult tastes and embraces kids’ need for play? That’s smart.

Speaking of smart, home tech is rapidly changing how we live. I am amazed by the new products that bring ease, luxury and even beauty home – whether it’s a tap you can talk to or a TV that flips to go vertical so you can check your social accounts and then go back to movie screen viewing. It’s all about customizat­ion – making your home work for you.

In a time when life seems partially on hold, it’s reassuring to embrace progress, whether that be exciting new home products or simply decorating in a way that suits you and only you. That’s good advice on how to make a house your home.

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