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After what feels like the longest winter, the world is returning to colour. I don’t mind snow…in December. But by April and May, I’m all about the trees unfurling their chartreuse-like new leaves and the rainbow of blooms popping up in gardens. Are you with me?

It’s no coincidenc­e that spring and our annual colour issue coincide. I love them both. Every year, I can’t wait to see what designers will teach me about how to use colour in my own home. I am always surprised at how unique the homes we feature are – so reflective of the collaborat­ions between the designers and their clients. Each personalit­y colours, you might say, the spaces that emerge.

It’s impossible to pick a favourite home in this issue. The happy hues in “It’s Got Personalit­y” and “Live, Love, Loft” pull me in. But just when I’m ready to order vibrant new area rugs and call in the house painter, I turn the page and am seduced by the serene lush neutrals in “Material World.” Isn’t that the beauty of design, not to mention of decorating magazines? We get to swoon over homes that perhaps we’d never imitate, but we can appreciate their beauty and steal an idea or two. And then there’s that story that we dog-ear at first sight – the one that captures the mood we’re after, and that will inspire our next splurge or even a whole-home redo. Something transforma­tional! Who doesn’t love falling in love?

It’s been a long winter, but I know what mood I plan to bring home: happy. And I wish this for you, too. Happy spring decorating!

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