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September is the only month that, in my view, rivals January for the sense of new beginnings it brings. No doubt, that’s partly due to childhood memories of new school years. But the early fall weather also signals change. I think it makes September a natural time to feather our nests and freshen our rooms for a cozy fall and winter.

On my agenda this season is investing in art that I love. Where did I get this bright idea? From this issue, of course! I dare you to look at Jennifer Garnett’s Toronto home (“Calm, Cool and Collected,” page 58) and not be inspired to join me in this “fall resolution.” Almost every room holds an eclectic mix of modern and vintage works that are displayed beautifull­y.

I love how she and designer Philip Mitchell (“Making History,” page 80) are both able to turn disparate artworks into cohesive collection­s. Philip did an extraordin­ary job of this at a lovely home in the village of Chester, Nova

Scotia. Art is everywhere! Canvases climb the stairway and provoke conversati­on in the dining room; sculptures claim pride of place throughout. Even the furniture has a sculptural effect.

I’m so inspired by these and all the stunning spaces in this issue. But I’m also practical. I really love (and need) innovative solutions that make working from home…work! Check out “Shift Work Style” (page 38) for a fab solution to working from your living room.

Yes, summer’s just about over. But with this issue in hand, I bet you’ll feel as ready to redecorate as I do. Enjoy!­e @styleathom­e­e

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