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Obakki’s collection of artisanal homewares and lifestyle products are much more than a beautiful artistic statement. The company sources ethically and sustainabl­y made products from artisans from across the globe, providing livelihood­s and support for local communitie­s.

We’re struck by the woven art from the Mexican community of Querétaro. “Our artisan partners from Querétaro, Caralarga, are an incredibly talented co-op of female weavers who use traditiona­l techniques to create stunning modern creations using raw cotton and fibre from the sansevieri­a plant,” says Obakki founder Treana Peake. “What we love most about this group is that they began with a mission to provide employment opportunit­ies for women in their area of Mexico.” Obakki’s ever-changing collection includes textiles, pottery, homewares, jewellery, apparel and even skincare.

Volcan WALL HANGING (left), $5,995; Tiered Palm PENDANT SHADE (above), $300;

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