Suncruiser Okanagan - - INTRODUCTION -

1. Rocky shores but some pri­vate beaches and docks. No beach­ing for 1.6 km north and south.

2. Trepanier was once called The New Town­site. A ce­ment pipe plant op­er­ated here from 1910 to 1915. In 1913, Alexan­der Ross joined an In­dian bear hunt dur­ing which the In­dian Chief was at­tacked by a bear and his scalp was al­most torn off. Ross ex­tracted two bones and the wound healed. Trepanier is a word which is rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the re­moval of bone, usu­ally from the skull, hence the name Trepanier. Peb­ble beaches, pic­nic ta­bles, a boat launch and some pri­vate beaches and docks are lo­cated here.

3. Trepanier Creek In­let and Bridge - Do not en­ter the creek in­let. There are sandy beach­ing ar­eas for 800 m north and peb­ble beaches for 800 m south of the point. A pub­lic boat launch lies north be­side the two green docks. There is also a marked swim­ming area.

4. Peb­ble fore­shore with swim­ming ar­eas. Beach with care for 800 m south and north pro­vides shel­ter from north winds.

5. Pin­cush­ion Bay - A nice bay with peb­ble beaches. There is a dou­ble ce­ment boat launch in the south end of the bay - pro­vides shel­ter from north winds.

6. Peach­land Yacht Club - (250-767-3422). For mem­bers only. The moor­age basin has two vis­i­tor moor­ing slips. There is no club­house and a locked gate as­sures mem­ber visi­ta­tion only, but wash­rooms and wa­ter can be ac­cessed from the road. There is enough depth for most keel­boats but watch your wake when en­ter­ing the break­wa­ter.

7. Ma­rina Park - South of PYC there is a play­ground, sandy beach, div­ing tower and a marked swim­ming area.

8. Two Gov­ern­ment Break­wa­ters - En­ter with care. Very good shel­ter from south and north winds. There is a large dock and some beach­ing ar­eas.

9. Her­itage Park - South of the break­wa­ter is a play­ground, pic­nic ta­bles, and park benches.

10. A rocky point with a boat launch and pic­nic ta­bles in the north bay. There is a peb­ble beach to the south with a nice beach­ing area. Shel­ter from north and south winds is pro­vided.

11. Rocky shores with some very small beach­ing ar­eas. Beach with care for 800 m north and south.

12. Rock walls for 400 m south to Rat­tlesnake Is­land - one buoy and no beach­ing.

13. Ge­orge's Bay - A small peb­ble beach with four moor­ing buoys and pic­nic ta­bles. Good beach­ing with a camp­site, out­house and a fire pit - shel­ter from north and south winds.

14. Half­way Bay - Peb­ble shores, a pic­nic ta­ble and one moor­ing buoy - shel­ter from north and south winds.

15. Half­way Point - Light - Se­cluded and shel­tered from north winds in the south bay - no beach­ing.

16. Bar­cley's Bay - beach­ing area on the south side of point with pic­nic ta­bles. Two rocks break the sur­face of the wa­ter on the north side of the point. Beach with care for 400 m north - shel­ter from south winds. Dive Site - a small sunken boat just north of the point ten me­tres down.

17. Good beach­ing in a large, se­cluded bay. There are pil­ings and rocks close to sur­face so use cau­tion. There is shel­ter from north winds.

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