Suncruiser West Coast - - North Gambier Island C2 -

1. 1 Plow­den Bay – Some good an­chor­age and great views of the chan­nel, is­lands and moun­tains. Christie Cove is 400 m (.25 mi) east and will pro­vide good an­chor­age and shel­ter. Port Mel­lon to the west is a busy com­mer­cial area.

2. 2 Wa­ter is fairly deep along the shore­lines for 1.6 km (1 mi) east and west mak­ing it hard to an­chor. The wa­ter is gen­er­ally calmer in this chan­nel.

3. 3 Mc­nab Creek Es­tates - pri­vate prop­erty. On the east side of the creek you will find a small dredged basin for boats; use cau­tion when en­ter­ing. Some good an­chor­age west in front of the flats. Watch for the log­ging op­er­a­tions in the west end of the bay.

4. 4 West from the point are some good an­chor­age and some of the best views of Thorn­brough Chan­nel, Gambier Is­land and Anvil Is­land.

5. 5 This nice bay of­fers some good an­chor­age and shel­ter. The Squamish winds blow up from here. Give your­self enough time to re­treat west around the point to­wards Mc­nab Creek.

6. 6 Thorn­brough Chan­nel – Named after Ad­mi­ral Sir Ed­ward Thorn­brough, capt. of the La­tona Frigate. Very lit­tle wind in this chan­nel.

7. 7 There are two nice bays in this area with great an­chor­age and shel­ter. Be care­ful of the log booms to the west. 8. La­tona beach - pri­vate prop­erty owned by a fun­da­men­tal Chris­tian group from Bellingham, WA. Thun­der­bird Yacht Club’s out­sta­tion has 2 large docks. Great lo­ca­tion with shel­ter year round; iden­ti­fi­able by a wa­ter slide.

9. 9 Ekins Point Light – Named after Ad­mi­ral Sir Charles Ekins, cap­tain of H.M.S. De­fence from 1806 to 1811. The Bur­rard Yacht Club’s out­sta­tion is in the bay west of the point with year round shel­ter. A nice bay east of the point also has some good an­chor­age.

10. Dou­glas Bay – Some good an­chor­age but watch for dry­ing rocks. Great place to an­chor and en­joy the beauty of Anvil Is­land.

11. Ramil­lies Chan­nel – Named after the H.M.S. Ramil­lies, cap­tained by Cap­tain Henry Har­vey.

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