Suncruiser West Coast - - The Iconically Canadian Sunshine Coast -

A. Se­cret Cove Ma­rina – A great place to stop for all your marine needs. 1. Re­cep­tion Point – A grassy point from which a dry­ing spit marked by a light ex­tends 240 m (800 ft) south.

2. Merry Is­land – The south part of Merry and Franklin Is­land is marked with a south car­di­nal buoy. Merry Is­land is marked with a light and fog horn. Divers may find the wrecks of the “Sal­vage Chief,” the “Linda-k” and “Carla-n.” Mr. Merry was a wealthy iron mas­ter and the owner of the race­horse Thormanby.

3. Halfmoon Bay – Pub­lic wharf at Pri­est­land Cove at the head of the bay with southerly ex­po­sure. Boom­ing grounds east of the govern­ment wharf. An­chor­age be­hind the dry­ing rocks.

4. Wel­come Pas­sage – Busy pas­sage for boaters trav­el­ing the Sun­shine Coast. Be care­ful of Fraser and Eger­ton Rock at the south­east end, close to South Thormanby Is­land.

5. Square Bay – Great fish­ing bay. Brooks Cove (near by) is beau­ti­ful.

6. Thormanby Is­land – Named after the race horse Thormanby, win­ner of the Derby in 1860. Shel­tered an­chor­age from south and west winds along the east­ern shore.

7. Lem­berg Point – Sev­eral bays here but watch for rocks. Get close to shore to an­chor. The small bay to the north­east of­fers limited an­chor­age. 8. Pi­rate Rock – A port hand day bea­con. Divers will find an abun­dance of sea life and very im­pres­sive rock for­ma­tions here. Bertha Is­land to the west is al­most tree­less.

9. Do not try to pass be­tween North and South Thormanby Is­lands, un­less on foot. Buc­ca­neer Bay Pro­vin­cial Marine Park has the beau­ti­ful and sandy Gill Beach. Named after the race­horse Buc­ca­neer who raced in 1860 and won the Royal Hunt Cup. A port hand day mark at the en­trance to Wa­ter Bay. Vau­croft Beach has a pub­lic wharf with room for sev­eral boats; beau­ti­ful beach to the south. Be care­ful of Tat­ten­ham Ledge when en­ter­ing Buc­ca­neer Bay be­tween Oaks Point and Sur­rey Is­lands.

10. Ep­som Point – Named for the town of Ep­som in the county of Sur­rey, Eng­land in 1860, by Cap­tain Richards. Marked by a flash­ing light. Stay west of the light as it is ex­tremely shal­low.

11. Tat­ten­ham Ledge – Named by Cap­tain Richards in 1860 for a fa­mous cor­ner in the Ep­som horse rac­ing course. Do not ven­ture be­tween the port hand light buoy and Derby Point as it marks a shal­low reef.

12. Smug­gler Cove Marine Park – A spec­tac­u­lar park but watch for the star­board hand day mark and dry­ing rocks when en­ter­ing the cove. Stay close to Isle Capri shore. The largest is­land in the cen­tre of the park is pri­vate. Ty­ing stern lines to shore is a good idea, great way to meet fel­low boaters.

13. Se­cret Cove – Star­board hand day mark on a dry­ing rock when en­ter­ing the cove. Keep the marker and Jack Tolmie Is­land to star­board as you en­ter. There is a five knot speed limit in the cove.

14. Wood Bay – Of­fers an­chor­age and shel­ter from south­east and north­west winds. Good place for divers; min­i­mal cur­rents.

15. The bay to north of Mcnaughton Point has a num­ber of dry­ing rocks.

16. Har­ness Is­land – Be­hind the is­land you will find sev­eral moor­ing buoys.

17. White­stone Is­lands – Com­prised of a large is­land with 2 smaller islets and many dry­ing rocks.

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