Suncruiser West Coast - - Answer The Siren’s Call -

A. Mon­tague Har­bour Ma­rina - fuel dock, li­censed restau­rant, gro­ceries and rentals.

1. Atkins Reef – Marked by a day marker. There is a fish­ing marker on Salt spring, di­rectly south of the marker.

2. Walker Hook – Good beach­comb­ing. A nice place to drop a hook, or dinghy to shore for lunch. Great beach on its south­east­ern side. Divers can find scal­lops and abalone at the north­east tip.

3. Gov­er­nor Rock – Marked with a red light. Named when the HMS Plumper was steam­ing to­ward Vic­to­ria at full speed on the gov­er­nor’s or­ders in 1859. The cap­tain and crew failed to see the lit­tle patch of kelp and grounded on a rock in an area that was pre­vi­ously thought to be only deep wa­ter. Walker Rock is marked with a Red­white-green light and lies 800 m (.5 mi) north.

4. In­ter­est­ing ge­o­log­i­cal features along this shore­line in­clud­ing high, steep cliffs and ero­sion pat­terns.

5. Balin­gall Islets – Named for Alexan­der Balin­gall, the sec­ond lieu­tenant on the HMS Trin­co­ma­lee which sailed the waters from 1853-56. The islets are a pro­vin­cial na­ture park be­cause they are used by dou­ble-crested cor­morants as breed­ing grounds.

6. Mon­tague Har­bour – Busy, all-weather an­chor­age with, oc­ca­sion­ally, over 70 boats moored at one time. Watch for dinghy traf­fic. Mon­tague Har­bour Marine Park, on the north shore, has a couple dozen moor­ing buoys, a boat and dinghy dock, toi­lets, pay phone, camp­ing and pic­nic sites. Pub­lic wharf is in the east side of the bay by the ma­rina. Har­vest­ing shell­fish is a risky busi­ness here be­cause of con­tam­i­na­tion from boats and plank­ton blooms.

7. Parker Is­land – A nat­u­ral break­wa­ter for Mon­tague Har­bour. A penin­sula on the

north­east side forms a couple of shal­low bays suit­able for an­chor­age. Ju­lia Is­land is at the south­east tip of Parker.

Philimore Point – Marked by a red light. Payne Bay has nice an­chor­age with pri­vate floats.

Cook Cove – A large red sign with a white di­a­mond warn­ing that the of un­der­wa­ter ca­bles.

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