Suncruiser West Coast - - No Shortage Of Adventure -

1. Hatch Point – A pri­vate boat launch and dock to the north. Be care­ful when go­ing over Boatswain Bank as it is very shal­low and dries in some ar­eas.

2.Patey Rock – Marked with a light and dries to 2 m (6.5 ft).

3. Cowichan Bay – Named after the Cowichan In­di­ans who lived in this re­gion. The pub­lic wharf is pro­tected by a large break­wa­ter. Avail­able: wa­ter, lights, power, phone, wash­rooms and sev­eral pri­vate mari­nas. This bay is known for its sports fish­ing.

4. Genoa Bay – Named after the birth­place of Gio­vani Bap­tiste Or­dano who came to Cowichan Bay in the late 1850’s. Lots of room to an­chor.

5. Sep­a­ra­tion Point – Marked with a light; west is good for mooching.

6. San­sum Point – Named after the first lieu­tenant of the HMS Thetis, Arthur San­sum. A rocky ledge protrudes from the point and a rock with less than 2 m (6.5 ft) of wa­ter is 90 m (300 ft) south­west of the point.

7. San­sum Nar­rows – Cur­rents can reach three knots and winds can be un­pre­dictable. Watch for rips and whirlpools around Burial Islet and San­sum and Bold Bluff Points.

8. Burial Islet – Marked by a light. Watch for whirlpools and tide rips around this grassy is­land.

9.Mus­grave Land­ing – When space is avail­able, this is a pop­u­lar pub­lic wharf with good shel­ter. Pri­vate floats to the south.

10. Cape Kep­pel – Named after Sir Henry Kep­pel, cap­tain of the frigate Dido. Nice beaches to ex­plore (north­west of the point) when one can an­chor.

11. Mount Tuam – An eco­log­i­cal re­serve in­tended to con­serve an ex­am­ple of the coastal Dou­glas Fir ecosys­tem.

12. Satel­lite Chan­nel – Named after The Satel­lite which car­ried 21 guns, weighed 1,462 pounds. There is a 343 hectare eco­log­i­cal pre­serve in the cen­tre of the chan­nel be­tween the Saanich Penin­sula and Salt spring Is­land. The re­serve is only the sea floor. This is the only eco­log­i­cal re­serve in B.C. which is en­tirely un­der­wa­ter at all times.

Boaters can see some very im­pres­sive homes along here.

Saanich In­let – Pro­vides the calmest waters in the Gulf Is­lands. Most an­chor­ages are in the north­ern part of the in­let where shores are grad­ual.

15. Wain Rock – Marked by a light and dries to about 2 m (6.5 ft).

16. Deep Cove – Pro­vides good, safe an­chor­age. Pub­lic wharf in the south part of the bay. Bea­con on a dry­ing rock.

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