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A. Port Sid­ney Ma­rina - 4100 lin­eal me­tres (13,500 ft) of moor­age space, laun­dry, show­ers, unique gift & con­ve­nience store, one block to Sid­ney cen­tre.

Bazan Bay – Some buoys and beach­comb­ing with a large peb­ble beach and pic­nic ta­bles in Bazan Bay Park. North is Tulista Park: chil­dren’s play ground, wash­rooms, and a boat ramp.

Sid­ney – A pub­lic wharf with two floats. Within a stone’s throw of the dock (on a walk­ing pier) are marine stores, shop­ping, launch ramp, power, wa­ter, laun­dry, show­ers, wash­rooms, pub, restau­rant, phones, char­ters, and rentals.

Roberts Bay – Home to Roberts Bay Bird Sanc­tu­ary, cre­ated in 1931.

Tse­hum Har­bour – Also known as Shoal Har­bour. Speed limit is 8 km/hr in the har­bour which is well marked. Part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve (GINPR). Blue Heron Basin – Home of the Cap­i­tal City Yacht Club and Sid­ney-north Saanich Yacht Club as you en­ter.

This bay of­fers a ma­rina with moor­age for vis­i­tors, show­ers, re­pairs, fuel, and launch­ing ramp.

Ca­noe Bay – Some all-weather an­chor­age be­tween the ma­rina and Kolb Is­land. Be cau­tious of en­trances to the cove as there are nu­mer­ous rocks. John­son Islet has a pri­vate float.

Fernie Is­land – Page Pas­sage is be­tween Fernie Is­land and Curteis Point. Iro­quois Pas­sage is be­tween Fernie Is­land and Goudge Is­land. John Pas­sage is be­tween Coal and Goudge Is­lands (which is the pre­ferred pas­sage).

Lit­tle Group, part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve, is com­prised of three is­lands; Ker Is­land in the cen­tre, Lit­tle Shell Is­land has a small shack on the north side and Dock Is­land has a few trees and is marked with a light. These islets have been af­forded the high­est level of pro­tec­tion by the park and are au­tho­rized ac­cess only with the ex­cep­tion of the small beach on Dock Is­land which is avail­able for day use only as a rest stop for kayak­ers and boaters.

10. Coal Is­land – Killer Whale Point has rocks ex­tend­ing into the chan­nel. Lewis Bay has pri­vate floats.

11. Swartz Bay – Pri­mar­ily a B.C. Fer­ries ter­mi­nal. Col­burne Pas­sage is busy with fast mov­ing fer­ries.

12. Knapp Is­land – Stranger Pas­sage, be­tween Knapp Is­land and Pym Is­land, has dry­ing rocks and ledges. Gosse Pas­sage, be­tween Knapp and Piers Is­lands, is tan­gled by Clive Is­land.

13. Piers Is­land – There are three pub­lic floats in the south­east cor­ner. Peck Reef is at the north­east cor­ner and marked.

14. Shute Pas­sage – Deep and rel­a­tively free of dan­ger ex­cept for Celia Reefs by Port­land Is­land.

15. Port­land Is­land – Named after the HMS Port­land which was the flag­ship of Rear-ad­mi­ral Fair­fax Moresby. In 1967 it was known as Princess Mar­garet Pro­vin­cial Marine Park and is now part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve. There are camp­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties at 3 lo­ca­tions on the is­land (Princess Bay, Ar­bu­tus Point and Shell Beach) as well as toi­let fa­cil­i­ties and hik­ing trails. Dinghy docks are avail­able at the north end of the is­land at Royal Cove as well as the south end at Princess Bay, where there is also a long stand­ing marine host pro­gram of­fered by the Royal Vic­to­ria Yacht Club.

16. Celia Reefs – Marked by a star­board hand buoy south of the reefs. Hood Is­land is home to an ea­gle fam­ily. Princess Bay has an­chor­age and is pro­tected by Tor­toise Islets.

17. Brack­man Is­land – part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve is au­tho­rized ac­cess only due to the eco­log­i­cal sig­nif­i­cance of the is­land.

18. Chads Is­land – Named to hon­our Cap­tain Henry Chads who com­manded the HMS Port­land. An­chor­age in Royal Cove on Port­land. Part of GINPR and au­tho­rized ac­cess only.

19. Moresby Pas­sage – Named after Rear Ad­mi­ral Fair­fax Moresby.

20. Ca­noe Rock – Marked by a green buoy; pass to the west.

21. Moresby Is­land – Named after Ad­mi­ral Sir Fair­fax Moresby. Tem­po­rary an­chor­age on the north­east side. Point Fair­fax is marked with a light.

22. Sey­mour Point – Has an un­named bay on the north side be­fore Rey­nard Point which has sev­eral rocks.

23. Prevost Pas­sage – Watch for Arachne Reef which is marked with a light at the east end. Im­rie Is­land is a small grassy is­land in the cen­tre.

24. Brethour Is­land – Dry­ing rocks to the south­east. Reay Is­land (north­west) has a few trees and is Crown prop­erty. Greig Is­land, 800 m (.5 mi) to the west is bare and has dry­ing rocks on the north side which are marked.

25. Gooch Is­land – Do not try to pass be­tween Comet Is­land and Gooch Is­land. The chan­nel is full of dry­ing rocks and shoals. Cooper Reef dries to 2 m (6.5 ft). North Cod Reef dries to 2 m (6.5 ft) and South Cod Reef is marked and pro­vides good cod fish­ing.

26. Rum Is­land – also known as Isle-de-lis. A small beach con­nect­ing it to Gooch Is­land. Rum Is­land has 3 back coun­try camp­sites for vis­i­tors. It was used for rum–run­ning op­er­a­tions dur­ing the Pro­hi­bi­tion. Part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve (GINPR).

27. For­rest Is­land – Sur­rounded by dry­ing reefs. Some an­chor­age on the north­east side pro­tected by a break­wa­ter which is cov­ered at high tide.

28. Man­darte Is­land – There is a light on the is­land and an­other light on a rock to the north­west. Hal­ibut Is­land has shoals south and south­east of it. Min­ers Chan­nel (south­west) is some­times used by com­mer­cial ves­sels.

29. Sid­ney Is­land – 24 kms of sandy beaches. Much of the is­land is pri­vately owned but the beaches are pub­lic. The North end of Sid­ney Is­land is part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve (GINPR).

30. Sid­ney Spit – is part of Gulf Is­lands Na­tional Park Re­serve (GINPR). It of­fers dozens of moor­ing buoys, docks for small boats and dinghies, drink­ing wa­ter, out­houses, pic­nic ar­eas and 24 walk-in camp­sites. Also avail­able is group camp­ing and pic­nick­ing. The in­ner la­goon is a Spe­cial Preser­va­tion Area and is closed to both mo­tor­ized and non-mo­tor­ized ves­sels. Only au­tho­rized ac­cess is al­lowed. Three mark­ers have been in­stalled in the la­goon de­lin­eat­ing the bound­ary area.

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