Elim­i­nat­ing Hold­ing Tank Odours

Suncruiser West Coast - - Front Page - BY PERRY MACK

A COU­PLE OF YEARS AGO I wrote about an ef­fec­tive, nat­u­ral, biodegrad­able hold­ing tank treat­ment that worked to elim­i­nate odours even on hot days, called Happy Campers. Since then many of you have switched to this prod­uct, dis­trib­uted in Canada by Curtis and Rose­mary Wells, in trade shows across the coun­try, as well as their on­line store.

I was chat­ting with Curtis re­cently and he in­formed me that they made some changes to the prod­uct. “Oh,” I replied, “I don’t like change.” I had to in­ves­ti­gate. Af­ter all, if it’s not broke, why fix it.

I learned that they didn’t change the prod­uct it­self; it is the same great for­mula. How­ever, sil­ica was pre­vi­ously added as a mois­ture bar­rier to pre­vent clump­ing, which they no longer re­quire, and there was some iron in the prod­uct that had a habit of adding an orange colour to the waste­water. Ac­cord­ing to Monty Wray, the owner of Happy Campers in the USA, “Perry, all we’ve done is remove some of the con­tam­i­nants and we now de­liver the prod­uct in a more pure form. You need 25% less prod­uct to get the same job done.”

As a re­sult, the new Happy Campers will come with a smaller scoop. Monty stressed that they have been test­ing the more con­cen­trated ver­sion for over a year and they know it works even with the smaller amount.

What ex­actly is Happy Campers? As Curtis ex­plained to me years ago, it is ‘a stand­alone mono­hy­drate, highly con­cen­trated min­eral blend in an an­hy­drous form which works ba­si­cally the same as a bioac­tive treat­ment. It is syn­er­gis­ti­cally for­mu­lated to elim­i­nate odour (not cover it up) and ac­cel­er­ate de­com­po­si­tion.’ He was right then and he is still right to­day.

It is still the most eco­nom­i­cal treat­ment avail­able, and helps keeps both your black and grey wa­ter tanks and sen­sors clean.

Look for Curtis and Rose­mary at many trade shows, call (866) 530-2294, visit or email them at [email protected]

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