Best lap­top? De­pends on who you are

Here are my choices for three lev­els of users

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IWAS sit­ting down with a client re­cently, and he was us­ing a 13- inch MacBook Pro. “I’m look­ing for an up­grade,” he told me. “What should I be get­ting Dave?” The ques­tion be­fud­dled me. I had no damn idea what to say. I went with my gut re­ac­tion and told him to just up­grade to the new MacBook Pro with retina dis­play.

Af­ter go­ing home and re­al­iz­ing that spe­cific lap­top costs an in­sane amount of money, I sat down and tried fig­ur­ing out what the best lap­top for him would be.

Now there are many cat­e­gories of peo­ple who could use a new lap­top. I’d like to split it into three sec­tions: First, the grandma who doesn’t do any­thing be­sides surf the web and send ridicu­lously an­i­mated emails to her sons, daugh­ters and grand­kids. That per­son doesn’t care what they are us­ing, as long as it has a key­board and a screen.

The sec­ond cat­e­gory is the av­er­age con­sumer. They like to so­cial net­work, email, play games, watch movies, do word pro­cess­ing, etc. That per­son cares what kind of com­puter it is.

The third cat­e­gory is the geek. This per­son cares how much RAM is in the com­puter, the hard drive size, screen size, res­o­lu­tion, how many USB ports, and all that jazz. I fall un­der this cat­e­gory. These three cat­e­gories are or­dered from low­est to high­est in price.

Let’s start with grandma. Does she want Win­dows or Mac? I’d as­sume Win­dows be­cause she has prob­a­bly been us­ing that for the long­est time. Let’s try to stick un­der the $ 700 price level. I’m per­son­ally not a fan of HP, Sam­sung, or Toshiba for lap­tops. I’m more of an Acer, ASUS, Dell and Len­ovo type of guy. For grandma I’d rec­om­mend get­ting an Acer As­pire S3. It has a 13.3- inch screen, which will work just fine — it also comes in­stalled with Win­dows 8, which has very big but­tons and icons that al­low for easy view­ing and in­ter­ac­tive plea­sure. It comes stocked with an In­tel i3 pro­ces­sor and four GBs of RAM. That’s crazy fast.

The SSD is only 20 GBs, but for email and In­ter­net, that will be just fine for her, and the SSD will kick in and make the com­puter ex­tra fast. It comes in a re­ally stylish taupe color, which she’ll like, and it only costs $ 649.

I think the Acer is a per­fect choice for your mom or grandma, but an­other op­tion would be to buy an iPad Mini or an iPad. This is a de­vice that doesn’t have to be charged of­ten, and they can just lie on the couch and play around with it.

For the next level, my gut feel­ing is to go with a MacBook Air 13- inch. I ab­so­lutely love this de­vice. It’s thin, fast, has a great oper­at­ing sys­tem, and isn’t too costly. I per­son­ally think any­body would like pos­sess­ing a MacBook Air. It costs $ 1,200, comes with four GBs of RAM, In­tel HD graph­ics, i5 pro­ces­sor with turbo boost, and 128 GB of flash stor­age, which is uber fast. It also runs the Mac OS, which is re­ally quite awe­some.

Now for the geeks. This is where I see my­self re­ceiv­ing a lot of hate mail ( [email protected] the­david­bell. com). I would once again rec­om­mend a Mac. I would per­son­ally go with a 15- inch MacBook Pro with retina dis­play. These com­put­ers are very costly, but I don’t think the geek fac­tors in price when buy­ing hard­ware. He or she sim­ply wants the best. It comes with a 2.6GHz quad core pro­ces­sor with turbo boost, eight GB of RAM, 512GB of flash stor­age and a built in seven- hour bat­tery life. This lap­top does cost $ 2,800, how­ever. For the geeks though, I see them be­ing very me­dia in­volved, us­ing the Adobe Suite, Fi­nal Cut Pro, and all this works so well on a Mac. It re­ally does. The 15- inch screen, in my opin­ion, is the per­fect size; not too big, not too small. If you’re a Win­dows user, look into the Alien Ware prod­ucts; they make top qual­ity Win­dows pow­er­houses for a pretty de­cent price.

There you have it, the best lap­top choices for those three lev­els of con­sumers. I feel some­what bad for pick­ing two Ap­ple prod­ucts out of three, but I truly be­lieve they make a top- qual­ity com­puter prod­uct. I’ve used Macs all of my life, and have never ex­pe­ri­enced a prob­lem. If you have any ques­tions, you can hit me up on Twit­ter @ the­david­bell or if you want to talk, shoot me over an email ( [email protected] the­david­bell) and let’s chat!

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