Trudeau tak­ing heat in Que­bec

Anti- Al­berta re­marks looked upon poorly

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— Washington Post MON­TREAL — Justin Trudeau has come un­der crit­i­cism for his com­ments about Al­berta in the place where he made them in an in­ter­view two years ago — Que­bec.

The Lib­eral MP and lead­er­ship can­di­date blamed the coun­try’s prob­lems on Al­ber­tans con­trol­ling the po­lit­i­cal agenda in a 2010 French- lan­guage tele­vi­sion show that resur­faced this week.

The in­ter­view didn’t make any waves in Que­bec when it first aired but some pun­dits now ar­gue Trudeau was out of line.

One news­pa­per colum­nist hy­poth­e­sized about what would hap­pen if the ta­bles were turned, and Que­bec were on the re­ceiv­ing end of such com­ments.

Yves Boisvert of Mon­treal’s La Presse said Que­be­cers would be out­raged if an­other high­pro­file politi­cian made sim­i­lar state­ments about their own province.

“We can eas­ily imag­ine the howls we’d make if a con­tender for the lead­er­ship of a fed­eral party spoke in such gen­er­al­iz­ing terms about Que­be­cers,” Boisvert said in a col­umn on the news­pa­per’s web­site.

Boisvert sug­gested that Trudeau sup­port­ers should “start to ask se­ri­ous ques­tions about the qual­ity of his po­lit­i­cal judg­ment, and his judg­ment in gen­eral.”

To lump all Al­ber­tans to­gether, as tra­di­tion­ally con­ser­va­tive as the province may be, demso much tragic loss of life.” the Pales­tinian peo­ple. on­strates a “lack of pru­dence,” Boisvert said.

Ha­mas’s ris­ing pro­file has posed the most A se­nior Is­raeli of­fi­cial, who spoke on the A writer for the mag­a­zine L’Ac­tu­alite said im­me­di­ate chal­lenge to Pales­tinian Author­ity con­di­tion of anonymity to dis­cuss the matthe com­ments could hurt Trudeau for a long RAMALLAH, West Bank — Ha­mas’ lat­est Pres­i­dent Mah­moud Ab­bas, who played the ter frankly, de­nied that as­ser­tion. But he said time to come as he tries to make in­roads in bat­tle against Is­rael sparked fever­ish Palestin­role of by­stander through­out the cri­sis. As Is­rael has come to rec­og­nize that Ha­mas is the West­ern Canada. ian pride that spread be­yond the Gaza Strip to Ha­mas’ leader- in- ex­ile, Khaled Me­shal, ne­gotide facto power in Gaza, cast­ing doubt on Ab“In one fell swoop, this par­tic­u­lar in­ter­view the Pales­tinian Author­ity- led West Bank. But it ated the cease- fire un­der the me­di­a­tion of bas’ claim as leader of all Pales­tini­ans. re­vives doubts shared by many in West­ern has also deep­ened a sense here that the au­thorCairo’s Is­lamist- led government, Ab­bas en­voys “We don’t want to harm Abu Mazen,” the Canada about the fed­eral Lib­er­als,” Manon ity’s non­vi­o­lent, di­plo­macy- based ap­proach trav­eled to Gaza, but he did not. Ab­bas has not of­fi­cial said, us­ing Ab­bas’ nick­name. But “the Cor­nel­lier said in a blog post. to win­ning a Pales­tinian state is in­creas­ingly been to the strip since 2006, when Ha­mas won idea that Abu Mazen will re­in­state him­self into “What should they be­lieve? What Justin fu­tile. Pales­tinian par­lia­men­tary elec­tions. Ha­mas, Gaza... We don’t see it.” Trudeau said only two years ago or what he’s

It is a com­monly held view in both ter­ri­to­ries which Is­rael and the United States deem a terHa­mas ex­pressed sup­port this past week for say­ing now, as he seeks their sup­port in his bid that the Is­lamist mil­i­tants of Ha­mas — which ror­ist group, seized con­trol of Gaza one year Ab­bas’ bid at the United Na­tions, but its mem­for the Lib­eral Party of Canada.” re­fuses to rec­og­nize Is­rael — de­feated their later. bers de­ride him as a lackey of Is­rael. In the in­ter­view on Les francs- tireurs, Truen­emy, and that they did it with weapons, not The Gaza con­flict “left Ab­bas po­lit­i­cally “Re­sis­tance has suc­ceeded in forc­ing the deau said that “Canada isn’t do­ing well right words. naked,” said Mahdi Ab­dul Hadi, chair­man of Is­raelis to hide” in bomb shel­ters, su­per­mar­ket now be­cause it’s Al­ber­tans who con­trol our

“They put Is­rael in its place. They forced the Pales­tinian Aca­demic So­ci­ety for the Study em­ployee Has­sam al- Badouwi, 28, said at a com­mu­nity and so­cio- demo­cratic agenda.” Is­rael to with­draw,” Amanda Iz­zat, a 23- yearof In­ter­na­tional Af­fairs. pro- Ha­mas rally in Ramallah be­fore the ceaseHe also said Canada would be bet­ter served old univer­sity stu­dent who was shop­ping in It also eclipsed the buildup to what Ab­bas fire. “I ad­vise Abu Mazen to take a va­ca­tion.” if there were more Que­be­cers than Al­ber­tans Ramallah on Satur­day, said of Ha­mas. and his sup­port­ers tout as his own form of The rally it­self was ev­i­dence of Ha­mas’ newin charge.

Many Pales­tini­ans in­sist the eight- day hos­re­sis­tance to Is­rael: A bid set to be submitted found con­fi­dence in the West Bank. Since the Trudeau apol­o­gized on Fri­day, say­ing his tili­ties will en­er­gize the long- frozen pledges Thurs­day at the United Na­tions Gen­eral AsFatah- Ha­mas split in 2007, Ha­mas has been com­ments were meant to be di­rected at Prime of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion be­tween Ha­mas and its ri­val sem­bly to up­grade the Pales­tini­ans’ stand­ing driven un­der­ground, many of its lead­ers have Min­is­ter Stephen Harper, who rose to power as Fatah, which leads the author­ity. But the conto non- mem­ber state. The res­o­lu­tion, which been jailed, and pi­ous Mus­lims say they have an MP from Cal­gary. flict also un­der­scored how starkly op­posed the the Pales­tini­ans could use to chal­lenge Is­raeli been per­se­cuted. Fatah says its mem­bers in His com­ment about the lack of Que­be­cers in two fac­tions’ strate­gies are. In a re­gion where ac­tions at the In­ter­na­tional Crim­i­nal Court, is Gaza are per­se­cuted by Ha­mas. power, he said, were an at­tempt to urge vot­ers Arab Spring up­ris­ings pushed po­lit­i­cal Is­lam ex­pected to be ap­proved. But even be­fore the lat­est hos­til­i­ties, Ha­mas in Que­bec to sup­port a na­tional party rather to the fore­front, some an­a­lysts say Fatah’s Last week, Ab­bas re­buffed the lat­est call by lead­ers in the West Bank said the Arab Spring than the Bloc Que­be­cois. sec­u­lar nationalism looks more anachro­nis­tic the United States - this time in the form of a and the rise of Is­lamism were start­ing to The Con­ser­va­tives have pounced on the old by the day, and Ha­mas’ sud­den strength has visit by Sec­re­tary of State Hil­lary Clin­ton, who change their for­tunes. In an in­ter­view this in­ter­view in the past few days as they bat­tle raised mo­men­tum for a more ag­gres­sive, even stopped in Ramallah be­fore go­ing to Cairo — sum­mer, a se­nior Ha­mas leader, Mah­moud with the Lib­er­als in a hotly con­tested Cal­gary rad­i­cal, pos­ture in the Is­raeli- oc­cu­pied West to drop the bid. He has also ig­nored op­po­si­tion al- Ramahi, said the move­ment’s mem­bers by­elec­tion. Bank. from Is­rael, which says that only ne­go­ti­a­tions were demon­strat­ing more freely and had been While Trudeau has taken heat for the in­ter

Hanan Ashrawi, a se­nior Fatah mem­ber, can lead to a Pales­tinian state. Is­rael has in­vited to Arab em­bassies for the first time in view, some Que­be­cers be­lieve it may in fact dis­missed Is­lamism as a fad. But she said she is­sued pub­lic and veiled threats of with­hold­ing years. In a blus­ter- filled vic­tory speech Fri­day, boost his pop­u­lar­ity in their own province, is in­creas­ingly wor­ried that Pales­tini­ans will fund­ing from the author­ity, or even top­pling Ha­mas prime min­is­ter Is­mail Haniyeh, sug­where Harper’s Con­ser­va­tives re­main un­pop­u­lar. see armed re­sis­tance, which Fatah re­nounced Ab­bas, if the bid suc­ceeds. gested co- op­er­at­ing with Is­rael — as the Palesin 1988, as the only mech­a­nism that ap­pears to Some Pales­tinian and Is­raeli com­men­ta­tors tinian Author­ity does, and as ousted Egyp­tian “His com­ment could help him win votes win con­ces­sions from Is­rael. have said that Is­rael em­bold­ened Ha­mas - au­to­crat Hosni Mubarak did, on se­cu­rity and here,” a reader said on the La Presse web­site.

“It would be easy to get the world’s at­ten­tion per­haps in­ten­tion­ally — at the ex­pense of the other mat­ters — was a thing of the past. by un­leash­ing vi­o­lence,” Ashrawi said. Pales­tinian Author­ity, which the United States

“But that’s not a tool we want to use. There’s funds and views as the true rep­re­sen­ta­tive of

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