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Yes, my base­ment flooded. Yes, my car is ru­ined. No, but driv­ing was ter­ri­ble. I man­aged to avoid all of it. Love them. Hate them. As long as the team wins, I don’t care what they wear. Yes, ab­so­lutely. I’m skep­ti­cal; it might work. No, the plan seems poorly con­sid­ered. I agree with him. This is solely a po­lice mat­ter. 40% I dis­agree with him. We need a larger in­quiry to deal with this is­sue.

60% Did you suf­fer any dam­ages from Thurs­day’s storm? 8% 1% 25% 66% Do you agree with the manda­tory hel­met law for cy­clists un­der 18? Yes, kids (and adults) should always wear hel­mets. Yes, but the $ 50 fine is a bit stiff. No, par­ents should de­cide if their kids need a hel­met or not. 23%


12% What do you think of the new Blue Bombers uni­forms? 5% 54%

41% Do you agree with Robert-Fal­con Ouel­lette’s plan to cut se­nior-man­age­ment salaries at city hall? 49% 17%

34% Would you like to see a round­about at Portage and Main? Yes 23% No 42% That’s the strangest idea yet. 35%

What do you think of Prime Min­is­ter Stephen Harper’s com­ment that Tina Fontaine’s slay­ing was a crime, and not part of a larger so­ci­o­log­i­cal prob­lem?

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