Some on­line read­ers per­plexed by poll re­sults

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FREQUENTERS of the Free Press web­site had plenty to say about two polls that were re­leased last week show­ing for­mer NDP MP Judy Wa­sy­ly­cia-Leis is the front-runner in Win­nipeg’s may­oral race. If we as tax­pay­ers think we got shafted by Katz and his cronies, I think Judy will put them to shame by squan­der­ing even more of our hard-earned money than he and his bud­dies did.

— bee­tle Can’t be any worse than the fella who was elected pre­vi­ously un­der the guise of be­ing a “fis­cal con­ser­va­tive.” Look where that got Win­nipeg­gers — the worst roads in his­tory, back­room deals amongst “friends” over-bud­get pro­jects with lit­tle to no su­per­vi­sion and higher taxes... go fig­ure. Oh, and don’t for­get the pend­ing RCMP au­dit of the real es­tate deal­ings.

— SMITTY3700_ Great, now we can have an NDP tax-and- spend gov­ern­ment at the mu­nic­i­pal level as well. The pro­vin­cial NDP change the laws as they like, go back on prom­ises and have spent our prov­ince into debt that will last well into our chil­dren’s years. What a shame some­one smart, qual­i­fied and busi­ness­minded couldn’t run for of­fice.

— 23668767 Well, she can’t pos­si­bly do worse than Sammy.

— anonymi­ty_ per­son­i­fied At this point it makes no mat­ter who is lead­ing. We still have had no can­di­date with a vi­sion for the city, and no over­ar­ch­ing view of what our city should be and how to take us there. In­di­vid­u­ally, some can­di­dates have ex­pressed some in­ter­est­ing con­cepts (trans­parency, for ex­am­ple), but any­one could in­sti­tute them.

— Deeds My vote is to move my fam­ily out­side the Perime­ter High­way.

— 23622772 I have no beef with Judy. My con­cern is she leans far to the left, and that is not what we need right now. If you think taxes are high un­der the cur­rent regime, wait un­til Judy gets in power and be­gins to mimic our il­lus­tri­ous pre­mier and his fis­cal pol­icy. It’s go­ing to be spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax, spend more, tax more. If you feel un­der­taxed right now, vote for Judy.

— Big Al In my opin­ion, Judy would make an ex­cel­lent mayor — the an­tithe­sis of the sly busi­ness­man whose No. 1 pri­or­ity is him­self. When she was MP she was very in­volved in the com­mu­nity and kept her con­stituents well-in­formed, with reg­u­lar bul­letins about na­tional is­sues that would af­fect them, as well as com­mu­nity is­sues. I was proud to have her rep­re­sent us in Ottawa for the 13 years she was our mem­ber of Par­lia­ment.

— 23698142 The field is just go­ing past the club­house for the first time. Af­ter the long week­end, they’ll be in the back­stretch, where some se­ri­ous jock­ey­ing for po­si­tion will start to hap­pen. Even con­sid­er­ing that, JWL cur­rently in the lead is a mat­ter of con­cern. I can’t be­lieve she is even in this race.

— JustWon­der­ing

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