Jenny from the Block MEETS THE BOY NEXT DOOR

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BIG EVENTS: The Nightly Show with Larry Wil­more (Mon­day, Com­edy Net­work, 10:30 p.m.); Back­strom ( Thurs­day, Fox/Ci­tytv, 8 p.m.) BIG PIC­TURE: Noth­ing can re­place the bril­liant po­lit­i­cal satire of The Col­bert Re­port. (If I could only save two peo­ple from a zom­bie in­va­sion, I’d take Stephen Col­bert and my wife, in that or­der. You need laughs at Ar­maged­don). But Larry Wil­more, another Daily Show alum­nus, has the tal­ent to carve out his own comedic path. Jon Ste­wart’s for­mer “se­nior black cor­re­spon­dent” will step into Col­bert’s slot fol­low­ing The Daily Show. Mean­while, TV needs another bril­liant misan­thrope like it needs another Kar­dashian. But a new se­ries finds Rainn Wilson ( The Of­fice) play­ing Everett Back­strom, an un­ortho­dox, self-de­struc­tive, “of­fen­sive” but “bril­liant” cop. Back­strom’s character acts like he’s pos­sessed by the spirit of Hugh Lau­rie’s Dr. House. (Hmmm, I kind of like that premise for an ac­tual se­ries). Hart Han­son ( Bones) helms this pre­dictably “un­pre­dictable” comic crime pro­ce­dural based on the Swedish book se­ries by Leif G.W. Persson. (On Ci­tytv, it moves to 9 p.m. Thurs­days after the première). FORE­CAST: Wil­more de­scribes his show as a hy­brid of The Daily Show and Bill Ma­her’s Po­lit­i­cally In­cor­rect. Sounds like nightly view­ing to me. Back­strom would be bet­ter if Steve Carell played the po­lice chief.


BIG RE­LEASES FRI­DAY: The Boy Next Door; Mort­de­cai BIG PIC­TURE: If Jen­nifer Lopez was a mid­dle-aged man, she’d just buy a wig and a sports car and start dat­ing a cock­tail wait­ress. In­stead, the 45-year- old’s mid-life cri­sis finds her set­ting a world record for plung­ing neck­line at the Golden Globes (to be fair, the dress won rave reviews) and star­ring in the movie The Boy Next Door. Lopez plays a sexy, wid­owed school teacher who “ac­ci­den­tally” sleeps with the dis­turbed teenage son of her new neigh­bours. Worse yet, he en­rols as a stu­dent in her high school class. ( Worse yet, Lopez once starred in good movies, such as Steven Soder­bergh’s Out of Sight). Mean­while, in other down­ward-trend­ing news, Johnny Depp — sport­ing an ironic mous­tache — mugs for the cam­era as a rogu­ish art dealer caught up in es­pi­onage and an in­ter­na­tional heist. Imag­ine Willy Wonka mixed with Cap­tain Jack Spar­row mixed with some­one you in­stinc­tively want to punch in the face. That’s Mort­de­cai. Gwyneth Pal­trow and Ewan McGregor co-star in the ac­tion- com­edy. FORE­CAST: Don’t worry, neigh­bours, Lopez is still Jenny from the Block. (But be sure to lock up your teenage sons). HON­OURABLE MEN­TION: Strange Mu­sic. Spend the night watch­ing an­i­mated gob­lins, fairies and elves singing fa­mous pop songs. (For some read­ers, this film will play like a “se­quel” to the 1960s.)

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