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DEAR MISS LONELYHEARTS: I just ran into an old girl­friend of mine. Wow! She looked younger than when I dated her 10 years ago. I com­pli­mented her on how young and beau­ti­ful she looked, and she gave me the in­dul­gent smile you’d give a green kid. On the drive home, I fig­ured it out. She must have had a bunch of work done, like a tummy tuck, Bo­tox and/or a facelift. I heard you can even get your thighs and un­der­arms done. Yech. Any­way, I found her on Face­book and we’ve been talk­ing. I feel like ask­ing her out. Should I? I’m a lit­tle freaked out by what I would see if she got un­dressed. Ac­tu­ally, I’m re­ally cu­ri­ous. — Dy­ing To See, South End

Dear Dy­ing To See: Do this woman a favour, and stay far away from her. You’re an­noyed be­cause she thought you were naive. It sounds like you want to see if she has rail­road tracks all over her body. That would be a creepy rea­son for want­ing to re­con­nect. By the way, that’s not what mod­ern plas­tic surgery scars would look like; they are min­i­mal and of­ten hid­den. She may also have gone the gym route and re­signed her body nat­u­rally with weightlift­ing and full-body work­outs. What­ever she’s done is none of your business. She needs some­one who is on the same wave­length and re­spects her.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I’m 16, have a big build and eat a lot. I was re­ally hun­gry after a hockey game and met my new girl­friend for some­thing to eat. She looked dis­gusted when I or­dered three ham­burg­ers, large fries and a milk­shake and wolfed ev­ery­thing down. She sat and drank a black cof­fee — zero calo­ries. Af­ter­ward, she wiped the goop off the front of my shirt and asked for a ride home right away. She usu­ally texts me right after we say goodbye, but the last two days, there has been noth­ing. I haven’t texted her, ei­ther. I know she was dis­gusted by my piggy be­hav­iour, but then she has weight is­sues of her own — she makes her­self throw up — so maybe she was feel­ing sick look­ing at me. My mom says I should tell some­one if I’ve bro­ken up with them, but it feels like she broke up with me. What should I do? — Hun­gry Bear, Bran­don

Dear Hun­gry Bear: This is a mis­matched re­la­tion­ship, and it sounds like both of you have backed off. You might text her and say, “I haven’t heard from you, so I’m guess­ing that means we’re not see­ing each other any­more?” Then all she has to do is text you back with a “Yes, you guessed it.” At least you have ac­knowl­edged it from your side. Noth­ing feels lousier than not know­ing if you’ve bro­ken up or not, and she’s a girl with emo­tional is­sues to start with, so be kind.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I’m on my third hus­band and it looks like this one’s headed for the ditch, too. I feel like a snake that needs to shed its skin. I love any guy un­til he’s liv­ing un­der my roof. Like the oth­ers, this one never goes any­where him­self and sud­denly doesn’t seem to have any friends around, or any in­ter­ests ex­cept for me. I don’t like any guy tag­ging after me ev­ery­where I go. We’ve been mar­ried eight months, and I’ll bet he’s only gone out twice on his own. Granted, I’m a great cook and lover, but I still like to go to movies, con­certs, bingo and such. I feel like I have a leech stuck to my butt. I hate to break up a third mar­riage, but I’m go­ing crazy! I still love this man, but I can’t stand him around me all the time. — Con­stant Cook and Lover, North End

Dear Con­stant Cook: Your hus­bands move in and start play­ing the role of the old-fash­ioned good hus­band. They don’t quite “get” you when you start com­plain­ing. You sound cre­ative and en­er­getic to me, so show hubby No. 3 the shape of the life you want to have with a mate, in­stead of com­plain­ing about his pres­ence at home.

Start by meet­ing him out­side the house twice a week for ac­tiv­i­ties that in­clude other peo­ple. In­vite his old friends and their wives and girl­friends to join you for din­ners, drinks, bowl­ing, con­certs and par­ties. One night a month you could even clear out so he could have his friends over for poker, with­out you there. Get the pic­ture? You love this guy, so demon­strate a fun way you want to live. Please send your ques­tions and com­ments to love­[email protected] hot­ or Miss Lonelyhearts c/o the Win­nipeg Free

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