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Not di­verge Its plan­ta­tion fea­tures the Pineap­ple Gar­den Maze U.S. freight mea­sure Ital­ian ad­mi­ral for whom sev­eral ships were named Sym­bol of the Fran­cis­can or­der Jays’ fan, maybe Greatly mag­ni­fied One let­ting off steam at the din­ner ta­ble? Jazz trum­peter Jones Wit­ness by chance Set­ting of many a re­vival Pranks South Pa­cific’s largest city Sigma sig­ni­fi­ca­tion Re­cip­i­ent of Argus’s 100 eyes, in myth Base of many oper­a­tions Per Singer/ac­tress once called the “Black Venus” Icon­o­clast sti­flers Ones with halt­ing speech? Cold-weather wear Long­time jeweler to roy­als Peter Fonda cult film about an acid ex­pe­ri­ence Eggs, e.g. Cubs’ sup­port­ers, maybe Makeup of hu­man­ity Crude, in slang Group started as the Jolly Corks Snarky sort Bub­bly op­tion “De-fense! De-fense!,” e.g. Come­back to a come­back Search­light light Ap­proached like John Wayne, with “to” Rel­a­tives of Win­neba­gos 1-Down qual­ity En­ter­prise po­si­tion: Abbr. Loft ad­di­tions Call for Chi­nese, say Be su­per­posed on Con­cern of pa­le­oan­thro­pol­ogy Like a rat­tle­brain Good pear for poach­ing Film fig­ure who said “I take or­ders from just one per­son: me” Things re­moved be­fore sign­ing GPS out­put: Abbr. Pur­sue Con­sid­er­a­tion for col­lege ad­mis­sion Sturm und Drang Apollo col­lec­tion One side in col­lege football’s an­nual Big Game, in­for­mally Ac­ces­sory with a mag­netic strip on a kitchen wall Glaziers’ sup­plies Max­i­mally in­tense Plot­ting aids Speeds Slips of pa­per? Stud­book fig­ures One side of a feud Pre­fix re­lated to ben­zene’s shape G.I. Joe’s “Know­ing is half the bat­tle” spots, e.g. GPS in­put: Abbr.

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