So, another Bluetooth speaker? How boring…

Hold your horses there, fella, for this is no ordinary speaker. This one, wait for it, you can swallow.


Yep, you heard me. Audiopill then “starts beating at preset BPM. Techno party you can’t escape!” It’s part of a conceptual art project by Jan Poope based on a medical ultrasound device. You swallow it, so it goes down into your guts, where you can control the beats per minute (BPM) of the speaker using a magnet. It can go from a chilled 95BPM to a rather hectic 143BPM.

That doesn’t sound like fun.

No, and mister Poope’s Indiegogo spiel doesn’t really sell it, either. Check this: “Audiopill (pill) will make you feel like… you are standing in a factory workshop full of metal working machines and ramming an impact drill into your stomach.”

Oh .

And there’s more: “You may for a while regret your experiment­al courage. You are at a 10-hour party of one and only hypnotic rhythm, and there’s nowhere to escape… If you have a shorter life than the battery inside (10 hours and can’t be switched off when swallowed!), it can pump you up to insanity!”

Is it safe?

Ahem: “During developmen­t of the device, many doctors and four polymer experts who were consulted on encasement materials, warned the author ‘ to never ever swallow anything like this’.”

I’m alright , act ually.

You’re not alone. Audiopill’s funding target is ¤150,000, but when GaGu last checked, it had reached just ¤28.

They say:

“Everything is at the user’s own risk. The author waives all responsibi­lity.”

Guru says : Take your intestinal speaker and shove it up your arse.

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