GaGu, what can I do about my un­wanted hair?


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AGaGu’s long-suffering groomer has been forced to in­vest heav­ily in the ap­pro­pri­ately-named Griz­zly 10-inch Wet Grinder Kit (around £220) to keep his clip­pers in work­ing or­der; all be­ing well, your fol­li­cles won’t eject the same steel fi­bres that Guru’s do.

Over-manly hir­sute­ness aside, we’ve all felt the pain of a hair or two in the wrong place. There’s no shame in in­sti­tut­ing a proper groom­ing regime that in­cludes hair re­moval, and if you use the cor­rect tools with the cor­rect skill you should be able to get your­self fuzz free with­out much drama.

Guru has cov­ered shav­ing be­fore (see T3 is­sue 258 for that pep talk) but let’s quickly re­cap the es­sen­tials. The BaByliss i-stub­ble + (£45) re­mains the rec­om­mended op­tion for ac­cu­rate hair clip­ping, while Cor­ner­stone’s sub­scrip­tion ra­zor sys­tem (from £30) is a top op­tion for a silky smooth face. So what of the rest of your body?

Cyclists’ legs will benefit from a sharp ra­zor and a proper tech­nique – knee to thigh first, then an­kle to knee – and the same ex­fo­li­a­tion and lo­tion ap­pli­ca­tion you’d per­form on your face (you do that, right?). Other hair­prone ar­eas can be dealt with us­ing sim­i­lar care and con­sid­er­a­tion for hair di­rec­tion. If you can get away with not going su­per-close on your armpits or on other spe­cific ar­eas prone to sweat and rub­bing, that would be Guru’s pri­mary rec­om­men­da­tion.

More per­ma­nent hair re­moval gets a lit­tle sci­en­tific. You could wax your coarser hairs (the Zeos Men’s Wax­ing Kit will set you back £30), although you may be bet­ter off get­ting the job done for the first time at a pro­fes­sional sa­lon, then take ad­vice from them about main­te­nance and on­go­ing care.

Al­ter­na­tively, you could try hair re­moval creams (a tube of Nad’s – stop tit­ter­ing at the back! – costs around £10) as long as you’re aware that the re­sults will be patchy and your skin will st­ing. And you could, if you were really des­per­ate, use an epi­la­tor (the iVog X-Tweez at £30, for ex­am­ple), but that’s an in­stru­ment of pure tor­ture even Guru can’t en­joy.

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