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GaGu’s commentary on just about ev­ery crazy thing go­ing on in the tech world around the time of writ­ing fol­lows: Alex­aad­dled Mi­crowave, no, but maybe yes depend­ing on if he can truly shout at a robot to ex­cite the mol­e­cules of mi­crowave piz­zas; Ocu­lus with­out a proper com­puter, yes, but that would de­pend on if it’s ac­tu­ally any good and Guru sus­pects it’ll be bad; new iPhones, hmm. GaGu isn’t tempted to spend over a thou­sand pounds up­grad­ing his Ap­ple pocket, but he wouldn’t moan if an iPhone XS Max landed there.

Your favourite Gadget Un­cle does love a puz­zle, as any of you who’ve wo­ken up in the morn­ing to find your com­bi­na­tion locks ran­domly opened will know. He’s par­tic­u­larly fond of the Ru­bik’s Cube, which is why the Blue­tooth-tot­ing GoCube ($69) got a chunk of his Kick­starter money. It’ll track ev­ery tiny mo­tion of its solves on a con­nected de­vice, and prove to GaGu just why his poor brain can’t keep up with the soft spaghetti bun­dles in­side the skulls of ‘the youth’.

Kids, with their memes and their dabs and their floss­ing, will never know the true joy of the orig­i­nal PlayS­ta­tion. Ex­cept they will, ap­par­ently, as Sony has dived head first into the dirty old bucket marked ‘Christ­mas Rar­ity’ and an­nounced the PlayS­ta­tion Clas­sic. It’s like a dinky PlayS­ta­tion (that doesn’t play discs) with US B con­trollers and every­thing. As long as it’s not as iffy as the Neo Geo Clas­sic, GaGu will be rea­son­ably happy for Ol’ Saint Nick to lob one at him on De­cem­ber 25th, if only so he can learn that nos­tal­gia ain’t what it used to be, and that his Tekken 3 skills have fallen off some­what.

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