What do I need to make mu­sic?

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AGuru thinks you should buy a zither or a bal­alaika. But Guru’s ed­i­tors in­sist that ob­scure stringed in­stru­ments do not fit the cat­e­gory of ‘gadget’, so he’ll make a slightly more sen­si­ble sug­ges­tion: get a MIDI key­board. That’s the only thing you’ll need to start your com­puter belch­ing out sounds. There are count­less free VST synths, and a num­ber of DAWs avail­able too – make Pro Tools First your first (arf) port of call.

Don’t en­tirely cheap out on it. A bet­ter key­board gets you pads and slid­ers to play with too. Look for pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity and af­ter­touch and get at least 61 keys. M-Au­dio’s Oxy­gen 61 (£139) is ad­e­quate, and comes with soft­ware too.

ABOVEA MIDI is all you need to make some glo­ri­ous mu­sic. What do you mean you pre­fer the vi­o­lin?

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