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Google’s take on the pro­duc­tiv­ity tablet is here, and it’s pretty much a Chrome­book with the key­board re­moved (and then op­tion­ally added back on with a key­board case that in­cludes a track­pad). The Pixel Slate uses Chrome OS, with a de­sign that makes it more suited to pro­duc­tiv­ity, in­clud­ing split-screen apps. There’s a few other tablet-friendly ad­just­ments, too, such as a blue-light re­duc­tion mode. The 3000x2000 12.3-inch screen is sharp and bright, and sup­ports the Google Pix­el­book Pen. It’s pow­ered by In­tel pro­ces­sors, though the £549 start­ing price gets you a fairly measly Celeron chip. The £749 model, with eighth-gen In­tel Core m3 chip and 8GB of RAM, is a good bal­ance, though you can get more pow­er­ful mod­els (in­clud­ing an In­tel Core i7 op­tion with 16GB RAM).

T3 SAYS: A good-size screen and op­tions for a pow­er­ful pro­ces­sor make this a se­ri­ous tablet con­tender.

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