How can I make my dumb home more in­tel­li­gent?

T3 - - Smart Home Surgery -

ACLAIRE DAVIES REPLIES: It de­pends on the type of smart home tech you want and the level you want to use it at – you’d be sur­prised at how many peo­ple own con­nected home prod­ucts, yet haven’t scratched the sur­face of just how much these gad­gets are ca­pa­ble of.

Wi- Fi plugs, smart speak­ers (see p100) and other voice as­sis­tant-based gad­gets are use­ful around the house, but if you want some­thing next-level, take a look at Won­dr­wall, a whole home sys­tem de­signed for in­tel­li­gent liv­ing.

Won­dr­wall comes as a one-stop shop. The Base Kit (£499, won­dr­ com­prises a ther­mo­stat, alarm, a sen­sor-laden light switch and two smart key fobs (act­ing as the mo­bile con­nec­tion to your home), en­abling the sys­tem to con­trol your heat­ing, lights and se­cu­rity.

Es­sen­tially, Won­dr­wall learns which rooms you use the most and how you live in them. For ex­am­ple, what tem­per­a­ture you pre­fer in that room, what tech you use in there, and what type of light­ing you pre­fer in that space. Won­dr­wall will au­to­mat­i­cally recre­ate that en­vi­ron­ment each time you step into that space. If you want to change any as­pect of it, the sys­tem is ac­ti­vated by voice con­trol ( Alexa Voice Ser­vice) as well as via app.

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