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I think that for a lot of peo­ple (by which I mean my­self), the thing that first got them in­ter­ested in the idea of smart home tech was purely how cool it is to have some­thing like your lights turn on in spe­cific modes with just a tap or a spo­ken phrase. Smart heat­ing has been around just as long, but is a lot less sexy, even though it’s the up­grade that prob­a­bly has a big­ger im­pact on your qual­ity of life, and your wal­let, over time.

Our cover fea­ture this is­sue (p37) is about the prac­ti­cal side of the smart home. Yes, most of it is also still ex­tremely cool, but here we’re look­ing at how it can save you time and help you go greener, which will also save you money.

I also thor­oughly rec­om­mend you check out our guide to mak­ing your own booze (p73). I learned so much from read­ing it, and if you’re look­ing for a fun pro­ject to keep you oc­cu­pied in the dark win­ter months (and that you can reap the re­wards of later), it’s per­fect.

If you’re in the mar­ket for a new phone, be sure to read our big dive into the best huge phones on p64 – the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is an ab­so­lutely as­ton­ish­ing An­droid phone, full of re­ally high-tech fea­tures, and putting it head-to-head with Ap­ple’s finest has been fas­ci­nat­ing. It’s never been bet­ter to be on ei­ther side of the phone fence.

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