How to cre­ate a healthy home that helps you ward off bugs and nas­ties

Don’t let pol­luted, germ-rid­den air af­fect your health this win­ter. Claire Davies shows you how to keep it clean with well­home tech

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Ac­cord­ing to the Home Air Qual­ity Guides, in­door air pol­lu­tion is two to five times worse than the air out­doors. So when we’re stuck in­doors through­out win­ter, we’re at greater risk of ex­po­sure to all sorts of ir­ri­tants.

Knowl­edge is power, so your first step to is the Awair 2nd Gen (£149, smart air mon­i­tor. It tracks lev­els of in­vis­i­ble fine dust (PM2.5), which has been linked to asthma, plus tox­ins, chem­i­cals and other pol­lu­tants, show­ing you in­stantly what level of air qual­ity you have, then giv­ing you cus­tom tips on how to im­prove it.

Plants are an easy way to pu­rify the air, which is why the Clariy Nat­u­ral Air Pu­ri­fier (£221, is a great buy. Clairy, a smart plant pot, amps the biofil­ter­ing prop­er­ties of the plant sat in­side it, work­ing fast to elim­i­nate air­borne tox­ins. Con­trol it via your phone to get real-time pol­lu­tion anal­y­sis of the room its clean­ing.

Speak­ing of clean­ing, the Dyson V10 (from £399, cord­less vac­uum is a nifty way to tackle in­door air pol­lu­tion, as it sucks up a range of al­ler­gens and pol­lu­tants, then ‘blows out’ pu­ri­fied air.

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