clear as ice

Keep your car vi­sion crys­tal this win­ter

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Pre­stone Ex­treme Per­for­mance Screen Wash

Salt on win­ter roads and low sun can wreak havoc with your wind­screen, so keep this pro screen wash handy. It dries streak-free and clears bugs, salt and de­bris in a jiffy. £4, holt­

Au­to­Glym De-Icer

Wo­ken up to a frost­filled wind­screen? Sim­ply spritz this de-icer and watch it quickly melt away frost, ice and snow. The wa­ter-free for­mula is paint­work-safe and fine for use on win­dows, mir­rors, head­lamps and door locks. £4.30, au­to­

Ice Scraper with Wa­ter­proof Mi tt

If you don’t have any de-icer to hand, or you’d rather not use any­thing chem­i­cal on your car, this Halfords mitt is an ef­fec­tive way to quickly and safely scrape off ice and snow. £4.50,

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