How do I get started rid­ing cli­p­less?

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AOh wow, pre­pare your legs. Rid­ing cli­p­less (which re­ally means rid­ing clipped on to your ped­als, con­fus­ing ter­mi­nol­ogy fans) is a true test, em­ploy­ing both push mus­cles, a lit­tle pull, and a big dol­lop of fear of fall­ing off. Prac­tice clip­ping and un­clip­ping at home, lest you find your­self top­pling pa­thet­i­cally to one side at the traf­fic lights.

Get good shoes (the North­wave Sonic 2 Plus at £119, maybe), strong cleats (try some £70 Speed­play Zero Aero Walk­a­bles) and get your feet prop­erly set up be­cause those cleats need to be at pre­cisely the right point to be ef­fec­tive.

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