Sav­ing en­ergy

The more money you don’t spend on en­ergy, the more you can spend on fun stuff!

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The key to en­ergy sav­ing is aware­ness – know­ing what you’re us­ing on a daily ba­sis

Smart home tech isn’t just about show­ing off how au­to­mated you are, or giv­ing you an ex­cuse to splurge on fancy gad­gets you might not need. When done right, it also helps you be­come more con­scious of the wa­ter, elec­tric­ity and en­ergy you’re us­ing in your home. That’s good news for your bank ac­count and for the planet.

In­deed, it can help you dis­cover how you and your fam­ily use ap­pli­ances around your home. For ex­am­ple, how of­ten you keep the lights on, or just how much wa­ter you use in the shower each morn­ing. Tak­ing ac­tion on such ar­eas can help you lower en­ergy bills, and alert you to ‘money pit’ ar­eas of your home that are cost­ing a packet to run.

Plenty of smart de­vices give you en­hanced con­trol over your home, as well as help­ing you to keep a closer eye on your en­ergy usage and sug­gest­ing changes. The Nest Learn­ing Ther­mo­stat (from £179, has won awards for its eco-friendly cre­den­tials. It learns about your habits and your home, and hand­ily turns the heat­ing off when it knows you’re away, so you don’t have to think about do­ing it. Nest also guides you to use the most en­ergy-ef­fi­cient tem­per­a­tures and cre­ates the best heat­ing sched­ules to suit your life­style, re­duc­ing your con­sump­tion.

The key to sav­ing en­ergy is aware­ness. The ma­jor­ity of us don’t want to spend a for­tune or use more than we need to, but we gen­er­ally don’t know what we’re us­ing on a daily ba­sis. Many of the smart home de­vices we’ve men­tioned are good for en­ergy sav­ing be­cause most en­able you to mon­i­tor en­ergy usage, to cre­ate be­spoke sched­ules, and to turn ap­pli­ances off when you’re not us­ing them. These sound like sim­ple ad­just­ments, but ev­ery small step helps when it comes to cut­ting down the en­ergy you con­sume.

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