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Caesar Dressing


Egg Anchovy Yolk Paste 1 1 tsp Minced Garlic 1 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice 2 tsp Red Wine Vinegar 2 tsp Dijon Mustard 1/2 tsp Worcesters­hire Sauce ¼ tsp Pecorino Romano Cheese freshly grated, ¼ cup

Cold Water 1 Tbs Kosher Salt 1 tsp

Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste

Canola Oil 1/2 cup

1 IN a food processor, add the egg yolk, anchovy paste, garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, Worcesters­hire, water, salt and pepper.

2 BLEND on high until smooth then slowly add the canola oil, while still blending on high, until emulsified.

3 ADD the grated cheese.

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