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Spiced Sprat Sandwich


look for tinned SPiCed sprats for this typical estonian dish. baltic sprats are normally marinated in a mixture of black pepper, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, coriander seeds, bay leaves, salt and sugar. If they are not available, substitute marinated sardines or herring.

Dark Rye Bread 1 slice

Butter at room temperatur­e, for spreading

Spiced Sprat Fillets 4

Red Onion and/or Green Onion Tops 2 Tbs, chopped

Hard-Boiled Egg 1, grated

Sea Salt Crystals to taste 1 REMOVE the crusts from the bread and butter the bread slice.

2 CUT into four triangles and top with a cleaned spiced sprat fillet.

3 TOP with either sliced or grated hard-boiled egg, then sprinkle with chopped onions and sea salt crystals.

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