Ox­ford school sit­u­a­tion bad news for young peo­ple

The Amherst News - - COMMUNITY - Eleanor Crow­ley Eleanor Crow­ley writes for the Ox­ford area for the Amherst News.


To start of the Ox­ford Notes, I will ad­dress some of my ques­tions from last ar­ti­cle.

The en­ergy peo­ple on staff in Cum­ber­land County are sup­posed to search out new and/or al­ter­nate en­ergy op­tions, in­ves­ti­gate their vi­a­bil­ity for us here and look at im­ple­ment­ing them. And a whole bunch of other re­lated things.

I have noth­ing on the whole is­sue of tur­bines in the Bay of Fundy and or FORCE yet. I live in hope.

My lat­est ques­tion is about the two-stream paper re­cy­cling. I have a shred­der which most peo­ple have and sel­dom use. Would it be bet­ter for me to shred mine and put it in my com­poster? Yes. Then of course I wanted to know what hap­pened to it when I took it to the dry bin at the dump? It is sorted and baled and sold. I asked if that was go­ing to be any bet­ter than the at­tempt to sell our re­cy­cled plas­tic and that got a whole hearted yes. Then I won­der why no­body builds an in­dus­try to make take-out food con­tain­ers. That does not look like a very com­plex thing to get done. We used them for years be­fore Sty­ro­foam. Why could we not do that again? An en­ter­pris­ing per­son could get right on that.


We re­cently had a vis­i­tor around Ox­ford. Hannah the red­head from the Ox­ford Frozen Food ad was out and about. I was in­tro­duced to her at the Kilted Chef event at Her­itage Square, but I forget her last name. The per­ils of grow­ing old I guess.


Now to get to the school dis­as­ter, and that is ex­actly what it is and will con­tinue to be. I get so up­set by neg­a­tiv­ity, but I can’t see a way to put a pos­i­tive spin on this one. Was the school just in­spected and found to have in­suffien­cies? Are is­sues be­ing ad­dressed so when snow flies things will be back to nor­mal? Or was it found much ear­lier and we are just find­ing about it now and noth­ing has been done yet? I cer­tainly hope that is not the case. $18 mil­lion, wow. I don’t know what else to say now. Hard to be­lieve, eh?


Now to “the hole.” The Lions Park is done as we know it now. I see no way to fix this. Not say­ing there isn’t a fix as all it takes is some­one to try some­times. What a ter­ri­ble tragedy for so many in this great lit­tle town. There are cracks in the pave­ment as I write this. I don’t know what will be there when this hits the paper. My sym­pa­thies to all con­cerned.

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