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Bot­tle cap fishing lures are be­com­ing more pop­u­lar.


They say ne­ces­sity is the mother of in­ven­tion. That’s not al­ways true. Some­times in­ven­tion comes from pure luck.

“I owned a fishing and tackle shop in Cal­gary and was mak­ing some lures,” said Norm Price, owner of Hooked on Re­cy­cling. “I threw a bent bot­tle cap onto the desk and it landed be­side a bunch of hooks. I later went back to my desk and saw the hook and cap there to­gether, and I thought I’d com­bine the two and make a bot­tle cap fishing lure.”

Price took the lure out fishing and it worked won­ders.

“The cool thing about these is they’re the only hard-shell lure on the market. You can ac­tu­ally open it up, put the bait in­side, squeeze it closed, and it holds it in place,” said Price. “It also has three steel bear­ings in­side that makes them rat­tle and cre­ate vi­bra­tion in the wa­ter when you give them a lit­tle flick.”

Price has taken his bot­tle cap lures on the road across Canada, and they are now sold in more than 83 Cana­dian Tire stores, about 30 Home Hard­ware stores, and more than 600 other stores across the coun­try.

Price’s home base is Regina, and he re­cently passed through Amherst with Suzanna Dedi dur­ing his Canada-wide tour to pro­mote his fishing lures.

“The most pop­u­lar are the Bud­weiser and Coors lures but she’s caught more fish us­ing our pink coloured lure,” said Price.

Dedi, who is from Athens Greece, says she loves fishing and has caught hun­dreds of fish dur­ing their tour.

“I don’t rec­og­nize my­self any­more,” she said.

“She’s turned from a city girl, into a coun­try bump­kin want­ing to get out there and be a fish-slayer all the time,” added Price.

The lures can be cus­tom­ized for com­pa­nies, sports teams and char­i­ta­ble or­ga­ni­za­tions.

“We cus­tom­ized a Lure-for-a-Cure for the Cana­dian Can­cer So­ci­ety,” said Price.

He has landed cus­tom-lure con­tracts with ma­jor com­pa­nies, in­clud­ing Bos­ton Pizza, Cana­dian Tire and Co-op.

“We bought a ma­chine out of the States that cus­tom prints caps, so we’re able to print 120 at a time,” said Price. “We do it in Regina and then they’re hand as­sem­bled af­ter they’re printed.”

Be­sides pro­mot­ing fishing lures, Price is also vis­it­ing bars, pubs and restau­rants across Canada ask­ing them to send their dis­carded bot­tle caps to Regina.

“We’re set up so that any busi­nesses who mails us their bot­tle caps will be given a char­i­ta­ble re­ceipt for the cost of the postage.”

Hooked on Re­cy­cling is ac­tu­ally two com­pa­nies, one that makes fishing lures, and one that re­cy­cles bot­tle caps.

“Since Hooked on Re­cy­cling is a non-profit, char­i­ta­ble or­ga­ni­za­tion we buy any bot­tle caps we need to use from hooked on re­cy­cling for five cents each. It kind of off­sets the cost of the re­cy­cling pro­gram.”

Price es­ti­mates he’s re­ceived about 250,000 bot­tle caps but hopes that num­ber will go way up by the time he gets back to Regina.

About two per cent of the bot­tle caps they receive are turned into lures and the rest are smelted by a com­pany in Regina and turned into new prod­ucts.

With bil­lions be­ing dumped in land­fills sites across Canada, Price says their mis­sion is to cre­ate en­vi­ron­men­tal aware­ness about the dan­gers of bot­tle caps.

“A lot of seag­ulls are gorg­ing them­selves on food that is mixed in with these bot­tle caps,” said Price. “They’re con­sum­ing them and starv­ing to death be­cause they’re not able to pass the bot­tle cap through their sys­tem.”

He also re­moves all plas­tic lin­ers from the caps.

“We take an en­vi­ron­men­tal ap­proach. The cap has no liner in them, so they don’t con­trib­ute plas­tics into the en­vi­ron­ment like most bot­tle caps do.”

Price re­cently pro­moted his prod­uct on the Dragon’s Den.

“Two months ago, we went to Toronto for film­ing,” said Price. “They start air­ing new shows this Septem­ber.”

Asked how he did in the Dragon’s Den, Price says they were sworn to se­crecy un­til episode airs.

Hooked on Re­cy­cling has also launched a con­test to get peo­ple to try his prod­uct.

It is a $100,000, Canada-wide fishing con­test with the grand prize go­ing to who­ever catches the big­gest fish us­ing a bot­tle cap lure, and a $50,000 con­so­la­tion prize go­ing to who­ever catches the most fish us­ing the lure.

“Also, any cus­tom lures we do for any busi­ness or or­ga­ni­za­tion they qual­ify for the $100,000 con­test as a new brand,” said Price.

For more in­for­ma­tion on the con­test go to beer­, and for more in­for­ma­tion on where to buy bot­tle cap lures, or to get them cus­tom­ized, go to bot­tle­


Norm Price and Suzanna Dedi re­cently stopped in Amherst dur­ing their coun­try-wide tour to pro­mote their bot­tle cap fishing lures and, also, pro­mote en­vi­ron­men­tal aware­ness about the dan­gers of dump­ing bot­tle caps into land­fill sites.

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